#1012-1014 – hold the baby

  #1012-1014 – hold the baby

Good evening! I’m fresh back from TCAF, so here’s a new comic.

Did you know Octopus Pie celebrated its 10th birthday on Sunday? May 14, 2007 my babies. Whatta ride.

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    • 05/06/17

      photo from Tumblr

      Two Events in May – Toronto and Portland!

      I will be at Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 13th + 14th. I’ll have OP volumes, copies of the B9 art book, minicomics, and some original art. As usual I’ll be upstairs in the webcomics area with TopatoCo.

      I’ll be on a panel during TCAF as well:
      Creating While Depressed - May 13th at 1:30 - 2:30 PM

      Location: Marriot High Park

      How do you get the energy to make comics when you don’t have the energy to get out of bed? Even when you’re blue, you still have to do the work so you can pay the bills. How do you cope? Panelists: Meredith Gran, Shivana Sookdeo, Tara Ogaick, Meredith Park Moderator: Glen Downey

      On Friday, May 26th, I’m doing a signing at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR. 7-9pm. Free and open to everyone! I don’t make it out to PDX events much anymore; I hope to see you if you’re in town!

      Facebook event page is here.

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