#001 – pea wiggle

Welcome to Octopus Pie! This strip original ran on May 14, 2007, a veritable lifetime ago in internet time. And honestly, in real life too. George W. Bush was president, the housing bubble was full of hot air, people had only vaguely heard of iPhones, and nobody had read that epilogue at the end of Harry Potter yet. I was 22 and had recently previewed this comic to a few very supportive friends on LiveJournal. It would soon become my full-time fixation and eventually my job. If you're reading this for the first time, I'll be using this space for spoiler-free commentary and context. I hope you will like the comic, and be understanding of the fact that I was quite young and learning when I started. It spans the course of a decade, for better and worse - you'll see! - and I think there's lots to enjoy. If you've read the comic before, thanks for stopping by and giving it another go! I will have slightly more in-depth, 20/20 hindsight vision commentary for you. Just click the little button below whenever you want it.

12 thoughts on “#001 – pea wiggle

  1. So great to go and read along with these as they come out! Looking forward to the new commentary from you and from fans.

  2. You're amazing. Welcome back

  3. Yay, keeping the bookmark paid off! Can't wait to read all the annotations & insights.

  4. I have been waiting 11 years to ask: What's pea wiggle?

  5. Hello, future comic readers! You're in for a treat. I recently re-read it (in print version!) and it definitely holds up years later.

    Pleased as punch for RSS updates again, too!

  6. I remember when Queen of Wands did the re-run with commentary thing. It was amazing to experience the story all over again with more insight! I'm so glad Meredith is doing it with OP!

    And thank got for RSS feeds or I might have missed this!!

  7. I discovered your comic at the beginning of the last story arc. Despite not knowing anything about your characters and the world you've created for them, I felt like I knew them and cared about their stories; it also left me wanting more. So thanks for re-printing it from the beginning so I can experience the rest of your story.

  8. Was a silent follower of this comic for years, often waiting for updates to pile up so I can binge, and just the other week I saw it had an end, so I re-read it from the beginning.
    And after a stunning, melancholy, and absolute brilliant finale, HELL YES AM I GONNA FOLLOW ALONG THROUGH THE JOURNEY AGAIN!! B)

  9. "spoiler free commentary"

    1. haha yeah sorry that broke down fast

  10. I'm re-reading this with commentary for the second time. I loved growing up with Octopus Pie, reading it from when I was fifteen, hogging our shitty family computer that took forever to load every page. So worth it. Thanks again.

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