Octopus Pie is a webcomic series that ran in daily strip form from 2007-2017, about two women living in Brooklyn, NY – their jobs, social circles, and some problems. Start reading from the beginning here.

From 2018-2020, the series was reposted daily with author commentary. You can find a link to any chapter, with or without commentary, in the story guide. Although it is no longer serialized, there is occasionally something new. The Other Side was posted in April 2021.

The comic is written and drawn by Meredith Gran (the person writing this, hi). Most of the colors were done by Valerie Halla, who also draws a webcomic called Goodbye to Halos. The colors in “What’s Different” and “The Witch Lives” were done by Sloane Leong.

B-B-BIOGRAPHY: I was born on Long Island in 1984 and lived in Brooklyn as a freelance comic artist & occasional animator for most of the series run. I currently live in Philadelphia. I taught at the School of Visual Arts from 2013-2021, with brief stints at PAFA and Denmark’s Animation Workshop. I wrote and drew the Adventure Time comic book spin-off Marceline & the Scream Queens, and wrote Marceline Gone Adrift, illustrated by Carey Pietsch. I’ve been the recipient of 2 Ignatz awards, 2 NCS Reuben nominations, and an Eisner award nomination.

In 2022 I released my first video game called Perfect Tides, a point and click adventure about being a teen. You can find it on Steam and Itch.io. A sequel, Perfect Tides: Station to Station, is currently in production. You can find the website for my studio, Three Bees, here.

I am married to Mike Holmes, a Canadian artist who has drawn many beautiful books and filled my life with sunshine. We have a son together. My dog Heidi is now 14 years old, and surprisingly spry. I have been vegan since 2015 and, after a baby-related hiatus, am back to lifting weights and building my physique. I don’t post much but am most active on Twitter.