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Looking to read a particular storyline? Let this page be your guide! If you’ve never read the comic before, I recommend either starting from the beginning, or checking out one of the following stories:

01 Introductions

Eve Ning is a post-college grumpy grump who works at an organic grocery store in Manhattan. She can’t imagine the people in her life being any more annoying. Turns out they can and always are. Read with commentary.

02 Bicycle Rights

Eve’s bike gets stolen and she begins to feel paranoid about her safety. Can she maintain a feeling of security without getting totally obsessed? The answer is no!! Read with commentary.

03 Bake N’ Bake

Dismayed with her career path, Eve begins to take solace in the hopelessness of her roommate. Until she starts to wonder what she’s missing. This chapter has kissing in it! Read with commentary.

04 Under the Bodhi Tree

Hanna goes shirtless at Central Park and stirs up some trouble. Filthy, filthy naked boobs ahead. Read with commentary.

05 Grocery Misconduct

Olly needs a new ad campaign, and Eve is just the girl to be forced into running it. Our hero takes the path of least sincerity. How ironic!!

Did you know this storyline invented the meme? Read with commentary.

06 Natural Phenomenon

Just what’s up with Eve’s love life? And why is she so damn turned off by rocks? This story doesn’t answer those questions, frankly! It doesn’t answer anything. Read with commentary.

07 Skate or Don’t

In true holiday form, the kids put their feet to the ice. Broken butts and hidden talents ensue. First (and last) appearance of America Jones. Read with commentary.

08 Our Brooklynian Life

Eve finds a little parrot and decides to help it. The resulting attention is somewhat unexpected. A cute story for kids! Read with commentary.

09 Tag

Eve is haunted by friendships of the past, just as they begin to collide with her present-day life. Subcultures face off — what a bunch of jerks! Read with commentary.

10 Renaissance Unfair

Hanna recruits her most gullible buddies for a weekend at the Ren Faire. Will falls in love… with trouble! Read with commentary.

11 Octopus Pie Love Comics

New Organix employee Julie Clark is head over heels for her assistant junior manager! Will love conquer all? Does it ever? This story is super canon. Read with commentary.

12 Dumbo

Autumn’s here, and Olly’s Octoberfest is just around the corner. Did you know there’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn called DUMBO? Don’t go there. Read with commentary.

13 Interview

Park is a law graduate with a lot on his mind and everything to prove. We’re rooting for ya, buddy! Read with commentary.

14 Exile on Jericho Turnpike

Eve visits her dear old dad and brother and feels helpless to influence their lives. Maybe she’s doing it wrong. This is the chapter where Eve has really long hair for some reason. Read with commentary.

15 Love Anxiously

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that’s fucked up. Read with commentary.

16 Lifetime TV

Eve is inspired by she and her brother’s favorite childhood TV show to bring competitive grocery shopping to Olly’s. Lots of sibling bonding and coercion. Read with commentary.

17 This Is How I Deal

Fed up with her retail job, Marigold begs Will to show her the cool life of a pot delivery guy. A chapter that declines to be thrilling! Read with commentary.

18 Snowy Patrol

In an attempt to get along better with Park, Hanna volunteers to watch his dog. Friend drama unfolds faster than a sheet on laundry day. Read with commentary.

18a Octopus Pie Mongo Minis

These are so stupid. I regret making them!!! Read with commentary.

19 Beer Your Own Boss

Olly finds out people can make beer, and tells his staff to do just that. This comic is educational. Read with commentary.

20 Fear

Eve struggles with the crippling fear of walking alone outside. Meanwhile, the summer bike festival approaches, and its gonna be wacky! Read with commentary.

21 Fear Part II

The bike festival unfolds in chaos, and leaves Eve and Park on the brink of change. Eve should use this as an opportunity to deal with the whole Fear thing. In my opinion, as the writer. Read with commentary.

22 Who Are Parents

Eve goes with Hanna to visit her family. They discover a hidden treasure that leaves Eve questioning the role of parents in her life. The Shaggs is a real band, here is some info about them. Read with commentary.

23 Couch Sitter

A mysterious visitor shows up on our heroes’ couch one morning. The most beloved Octopus Pie story to date! Read with commentary.

24 Frontwards

Park is ready to leave town, but severing all ties proves difficult. Awkward friend moments and pizza! Eve sucks bigtime in this one! Read with commentary.

25 Moving On

Eve, Hanna and Marek impulsively decide to move, and it’s a pain in the ass for everyone they know. Read with commentary.

26 GO Team Willary

Will is reunited with his old pal Larry, and they decide to live and scheme together. Along the way there are some woman-shaped obstacles. And I’m not talking syrup bottles. Read with commentary.


Octopus Pie’s SPOOKIEST Adventure Ever!! You will die within 24 hours of reading it. Read with commentary.

28 Brownout Biscuit

Will and Marigold break up for realsies. Eve and Hanna do their best to console Marigold as the holiday season approaches, and Hanna may have some kind of insidious plan. Chances of a long winter are high. Grim!! Read with commentary.

29 Follow Your Friend to Work Day

Puget Sean gets a look into Hanna’s job, where he does not belong. Hanna makes a startling realization about the biology of cats. Read with commentary.

30 It Could’ve Been a Brilliant Career

Olly takes his staff on a winter vacation in the mountains of Vermont. With booze in short supply and a mysterious group of baristas, our heroes are forced to socialize. Belle & Sebastian fans will read this and feel special, for once in their god damn lives. Read with commentary.

31 Basement Full of Buddies

Larry fulfills a childhood dream by furnishing his landlord’s basement. But is he ready for the responsibility of keeping buddies around? Read with commentary.

32 Fired, Walk With Me

An employee at Olly’s gets laid off, but that’s only part of the problem. Eve grapples with the fantasy world of a young workforce kind of actually being the reality. Yipes! Read with commentary.

33 Stranger Into Starman

Larry throws a party at the house while Will, failing to make any friends, confronts the changes in his life. Less heavy than it sounds. Read with commentary.

34 Metadater

Eve’s quest for love takes a convoluted, weirdly expository turn. A truly sex-free affair. Read with commentary.

35 Octopie Wall Street

Marek joins a 99 percenter movement to ensure his dreams, while his friends begin to piece their own dreams together. Will anyone get what they want? Read with commentary.

36 It’s a Christmas Miserable

Eve dresses as a Santa to get Olly’s Organix shoppers in the Christmas spirit. Story contains mild genital injury. Read with commentary.

37 Itch You Can’t Scratch

Eve has detected a disturbance in her life that only a Coffee Guild-related spy adventure can solve! She’s maybe just allergic to berries, though. Read with commentary.

38 Simple Breakfast

Aimee feels threatened by Will and Larry’s evangelism for simplicity. Can we really be happy staying put? This and more questions hot people ask themselves. Read with commentary.

39 Just Be Cool Already

Haunted by recurring dreams, Eve confronts the demons of her own desire… by drinking beer outdoors. No one fucks! A nice story to read at the beach! Read with commentary.

40 You Don’t Need Anything

Marigold’s Professional Ladiez Nite turns into an unexpected run-in with Will and Larry. Meanwhile, Puget Sean is blowing up her phone like a politician hiding evidence. A gentle story! Everyone fucks! Read with commentary.

41 Vacation Day

Nobody’s gonna mess with Hanna’s day off. At least she can’t seem to find anyone who will. Read with commentary.

42 The Gray Lady

You’ll Never Believe Which Hot Young Journalist Is Exaggerating the Vitality Of Eve’s Life! Click to view the slideshow, which is what comics are if you think about it. Read with commentary.

43 That Camp Aesthetic

Goodbye, big city! Hello, small collection of trees and water 2-3 hours away! Our heroes are roughing it, and the social implications are… rough. Read with commentary.

44 Living Vicariously in a Deep Life

Marek is done with school! But what else is done? Oof, you don’t want to know. But you kinda know already, huh? Read with commentary.

45 What’s Different Now (It’s A Coconut)

Man… let’s catch up with Will for a bit. Read with commentary.

46 The Witch Lives

Hanna takes up some extracurricular activities that suck. Read with commentary.

47 Spa Queen

OMG. SPA DAY! S P A D A Y. You’d better come along. SPA DAY MOTHERFUCKERS!! Read with commentary.

48 Summer For Suckers

It’s spring at last! That which has died shall be reborn. I just need to send this text real quick. Read with commentary.

49 Boy Problems

Jane and Marigold have some stuff they really need to talk about after work. Is there a hint of coyness in this plot summary? Hmm! I don’t know. Read with commentary.

50 Metronome

Things just keep changing, don’t they? Read with commentary.

51 Starfish

Just an average day in the life of Eve Ning. Read with commentary.

52 Where the Chaos Goes

Will and Hanna rent a cabin on the lake and get a whole lot of work done. Read with commentary.

53 People Seriously Live Here

This is the story where Octopus Pie ends. Uh, don’t read this one first? Read with commentary.

Post-Series Updates

Since the original run ended in 2017, there have been two new Octopus Pie stories. Who knew, my friends.

The Other Side

It’s the first pandemic winter, and the cast has scattered to lonely places. Do you remember touch? Read the original black & white, or a full-color version by Valerie Halla.

Octopus Pie Eternal

Somebody’s getting married. Everybody’s going through it. Read it here.

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