12 thoughts on “#1

  1. New OP!!!!! Exciting!

  2. What!!!! Please tell me this isn't some weird April fools thing.

  3. My compulsively checking the website four years after the end of the comic pays off yet again.

    1. RSS will compulsively check web sites for you. Of course, then you have to compulsively check your RSS aggregator.

    2. Amen! It's still in my muscle memory to type "o" when checking my webcomic rotation. This is wonderful

    3. SAME.

  4. So happy i came back to re-read the comic!

  5. Is it a new begining? Is it going to be a bunch of random one-shots? A hit and run?
    WHO CARES! I am so happy that you were inspired. I just like revisiting the comic every now and again. This made my month 🙂

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