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1/30/18 Update

Happy 2018! If you're wondering what I've been up to, I'm happy to report I'm creating a new Adventure Game! It's called Perfect Tides and I'm hoping to release it in 2019.

If you enjoyed Octopus Pie, or if you're just interested in adventure games and stumbled on this website by accident, I think and hope you will love this game. It's written from the point of view of a teenager in the year 2000, and emulates the style of classic Sierra point & click games.

Right now I am fundraising on Kickstarter for the month of February, so you have a chance to offer your support and make this game a reality - AND get some limited edition stuff. One of the reward incentives, due out this fall, is a minicomic prequel to the game. Thanks for reading, and maybe helping me get this game made!

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Thank you for reading Octopus Pie.

This comic began in spring of 2007. It was two short months after the death of my father. I was shocked and lonesome, and wished to fully dedicate myself to something. If that's all it had given me, it would've been enough. The ways in which this comic has opened up my life to new people, places, skills and ideas are endless. No form of expression could've changed my world so much. I can never fully express how grateful I am.

Thank you to Valerie Halla for bringing her incredible vision to this series. I knew her talents would be on display. I couldn't have anticipated how much of a voice she'd lend to the story, or how far her work would push me in my own pursuit of the craft. I think we did something very special together, in a place and time that won't soon be replicated. If you haven't yet, go follow Valerie's webcomic, Goodbye to Halos. I know she'll be making incredible work for years to come.

Thank you to the many collaborators who've touched OP with their talent over the years. To Sloane Leong for her dazzling color work when the whole process was terrifying to me. To Gisele Jobateh for their unseen but absolutely essential color flatting work. To Lacey Micallef for her brilliant nostalgic animation, and choices that always inspire me. To Jonathan Gran for his 3-D contributions and for frequently animating my dog. To Kou Chen for his assistance in much necessary shipping, office and website work. To the many guest artists who gave me time off from a brutal schedule in the early years.

Thank you to Mike Holmes, my editorial companion and love of my life. For constantly assuaging my fears, cheering me on, and moving to the US from Canada to marry me.

Thank you to Judith Hansen for her dedication in finding Octopus Pie a home in the publishing world. Thank you to Jon Rosenberg, perhaps my earliest mentor in comics. Thank you to Rich Stevens for years of encouragement and support. Thank you to Jeffrey & Holly Rowland for delicately balancing merchandise fulfillment and friendship. Thank you to Andrew Bell, John Allison, Stephen Cloud, Sam Brown, and Chris Yates for their advice and companionship in Dumbrella. Thank you to my early and sustained voices of encouragement: Vera Brosgol, Kate Beaton, Hope Larson, Raina Telgemeier, Jen Wang, Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Carly Monardo, Chris Hastings, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Gary Tyrrell, Steve & Leslie Wolfhard, Jason Fischer, David McGuire, KC Green, Kate DeNeveu & David Murray, Becky & Frank, Evan Dahm, Ryan North, Christopher Butcher, and Scott McCloud. Thank you to Lisa Hanawalt, Sarah Glidden, Domitille Collardey & Julia Wertz for the fond memories of Pizza Island. Thank you to my salty Twitter friends for their daily love and snark. Thank you to my good pals in Brooklyn who inspired many of the tales in this comic, and continue to be an uplifting presence in my life.

Thank you to the readers who've offered financial support for Octopus Pie over the years, either through Patreon, purchasing of merch + art, or donations. You've not only allowed me to create the thing I wanted to create, but for others to read it for free. Thank you to everyone who told their friends to read the comic, or just read it themselves and felt something. Connecting with you through these stories has been a pleasure and a source of strength.

Thank you to my family for loving me in ways no one else can. Thank you to Heidi, who is my dog.

It's been a decade and my memory could be better -- if I haven't mentioned you here, please know your support has been meaningful.


What's next? I don't know for sure at this time. OP has occupied so much of my mind that I haven't figured out the next stage. I can assure you there will be something new, and you will hear about it from me. You can follow me on Twitter (or just check back here) for comic-related updates.

If you are a Patreon donor and have the means to keep giving, I would certainly appreciate a bit more of your gratitude while I figure things out. I will post an update in 2-3 weeks, when I have a better idea of what's to come. There will absolutely be some incentive for your ongoing contributions.

The 5th (and final!) Octopus Pie print collection will be out this summer from Image Comics. Right now I'm anticipating a late June/early July release date, and will have the specifics -- and a preview of the cover -- very soon.

I wish there were more things to say, but that's it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you wish to restart the webcomic on difficult mode, click here and begin reading from right to left.

Meredith Gran
June 2017

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