#851 – there’s no jump

  #851 – there’s no jump

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  • 10/05/15

    photo from Tumblr

    There are now 2 ways for you to read the 16-page Octopus Pie story, “On the Straight and Narrows”! You can buy it on Gumroad or get it through pledging on Patreon!

    The PDF on Gumroad is $5 and can be found here.

    If you are already pledging at the $5+ level, you already have access to it! If not, pledge away and enjoy the comfort of supporting the comic every month!

    (Please don’t pledge/unpledge to grab the PDF without paying, or repost the PDF anywhere. This cheats me out of a living that I need to make comics! I know y’all are cooler than that.)

  • 09/18/15

    photo from Tumblr

    I’m headed to Small Press Expo! I’ll be exhibiting at table E10A with Mike Holmes. I have something pretty unique this year – a totally new Octopus Pie story in minicomic form!

    I’ve always wanted to do one before SPX, and this year it finally happened over sweat and tears, etc etc. This story is about Hanna and Marigold in college. 16 pages long, 5bux!

    You can’t read it anywhere except this little book, so come get a copy! According to Ella, it’s a very comfortable story to nap on. Just follow the friendly Hanna face.

  • 08/07/15

    photo from Tumblr

    I haven’t updated the Eves timeline in a while so here’s a 2015 version. As you can see, not very much has changed since 2013. Except of course that the technology for color comics was born, ushering in a new age of visual entertainment.

    I’ve almost got a complete set of 10 Eves! At which point I’ll agonize over what I’ve been doing for a decade, and receive a free ice cream cone.

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