#744 – spa day

  #744 – spa day

I said the updates would be posted fast and I WASN’T KIDDING. Hope you are strapped in.

While our regular colorist is away, the current arc is being colored by Valerie Halla. I love the color work Valerie has done so far, and I think the story will look pretty excellent with her at the wheel.

Be sure to check out Valerie’s own webcomic, Portside Stories. It’s a sweet story with lovely art about some teens navigating gender. Chapter 1 just wrapped, so you’ll have an easy time catching up!

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  • 12/25/14

    photo from Tumblr

    Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a lovely day, wherever you are.

    I try to cobble together a little Christmas comic or animation every year or so, and it doesn’t always happen. So here’s a few Octopus Pie Christmas specials from previous years:

    It’s a Christmas Miserable - A short story from 2011 where Eve is dressed as a Santa for work.

    Octopus Pie Christmas Special 2009 - Reach back into another decade with this animated artifact of time. This ruined the song for me, mostly, but that’s ok.

    Octopus Pie Christmas Special 2013 - A little animation from last year. Eve is depressed! Wow!

  • 12/23/14

    photo from Tumblr
    During my two weeks in Denmark teaching at The Animation Workshop, my students created these short stories and websites for their comics.  They were based around a common mythical universe that the students designed.  

    The program was a very intensive one, where the individual needs and skillsets of the students were emphasized.  I loved this method of teaching and hope to apply it to my own classes in New York.

    I think the students did a fantastic job.  You can read their stories here.
  • 12/23/14

    photo from Tumblr
    Here are a few sketches for a comic that Mike Holmes and I worked on together, which will be going into Wacom’s Pressure/Sensitivity comics anthology.

    The anthology will feature original short stories by comics creators, including Ming Doyle and Giannis Milonogiannis, with cover art by Ulises Farinas and colorist Ryan Hill.

    Pressure/Sensitivity will be available as a free, 32-page digital comic in January 2015!

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