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  1. See, this is why Larry's awesome. Unflappably positive in the face of self-reflection, and describes his best friend as getting better with age, not like the cliche of "good wine," but leftovers. LEFTOVERS. Larry is life. Larry is best. Larry 2016.

    1. Larry is bi! Yessssss

      1. Yeah, I immediately (and somewhat delightedly) thought this! Has there actually been any indication that Larry is into women, though, or have we just assumed this because he’s so… Larry? Need to flip through some past issues I guess, what a shame…

        1. I think there has been, Might have been in the storyline where marigold puked on will's dick? I could swear there's a scene with half dressed Larry and two ladies laid out on an impossibly small couch together.

        2. Yeah, there was a fling with a lady in Costa Rica and one time Marigold's two coworkers….

        3. Yeah, when he came back from vacation at the end of the Coconut Story:

        4. As a gay guy, if Larry is either gay or bi, that’s awesome in my book. It’s so refreshing to see characters that aren’t completely and utterly defined by their sexuality.

        5. He got it on with Marigold's coworkers the same night Mar threw up on Will's dick.

        6. I recall him hooking up with both of Mer's coworkers that one time… sort of simultaneously? I think Larry just has a lot of love to give.

        7. Recall the storyline in which Marigold hooks up with Will post-breakup but ends up vomiting on him and leaving in tears. In the mean time, Larry was on the couch with both of Marigold's friends from work.

        8. He made out (slept with?) Mar's two friends (threesome!) http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-12-22/568-closure/

        9. He absconded with a lady (he had sex with) to Costa Rica a few storylines back. You don't NEED a reason to re-read the archives, right?

        10. Yes, during Will and Marigold's ill-advised hookup, Larry had taken to the sofa with Marigold's friends. He's def bi. http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-12-20/567-augh/

      2. I dunno, I think that was Larry joking around. Hence the "pfft" from Will.

        1. Unlikely: Will used “they” as a pronoun, which would strongly suggest he knows that Larry’s ex could be of a gender other than female. Probably Will laughed (pffted) at the “I got fat” joke,

  2. I feel you Larry. Mine would say the same about me. But who cares? We're way better without them! *shakes fist*

  3. perfect little buddy

    look at that tiny bug in panel 2 tho

    1. He's there all right. Good eye.

    2. My personal favourite Tiny Detail is the post-it note that got old and fell down so much they taped it to the fridge.

      ^probably not actually true

  4. "Always be yourself. Unless you can be leftovers. Then always be leftovers"

  5. Is that a kiwi?

    1. I’m pretty sure that it’s either a green tomato, or a tomatillo.

      1. I thought it was a lime.

  6. Larry is the best as similes ^^

  7. Mine would make up wildly inaccurate rumors that have no basis in reality.

    (And did.)


  9. Will: "…I love you so much, bro."

  10. Larry <3

  11. More an d more Larry and Will remind me exactly of two close friends of mine. it’s startling how much.

  12. Leftovers are a way of life.

    For EVERY aspect of life.

    "You're not someone's sloppy seconds; you're delightful leftovers!"

  13. Could Will be talking about Mar? COULD HE?!?!?

  14. Bi representation makes me so happy :'U

    Love you Larryyyyy (and especially you Meredith.)

  15. Really digging the colors so far!

  16. Has Larry being bi been mentioned before? It really fits.

    1. I dont think so. We've seen him heavily into the ladies, tho.

    2. no, and it didn't need to be. which is why this is so great. he's bi. it's a thing. it's part of who he is but not his sole defining characteristic. and will isn't the straight guy who has to "no homo" everything. it's nice.

  17. <3 bi Larry

  18. Is it possible that there is a sub-text we are missing?

    By "he" , is larry Joking that Will is his 'bitter ex' ?

    If he is, was Will actually ever his ex ?

    1. Nah. Though I too initially thought there was a possibility, since Larry values his bros so heavily in his life, that he factored ex-friends into exes, and though that makes me happy, that's way more convoluted than "Larry is bi," which also makes me hella happy. (Represent!) I know, for instance, that Julie also is implied to be bi in a way that we don't see a ton of.

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