#767 – no notice needed

31 thoughts on “#767 – no notice needed

  1. I want the last panel framed above my office desk.

  2. A Will that doesn't deal pot? Wow. Man, next thing you're going to tell me is that he doesn't get a 5 o'clock shadow minutes after shaving anymore.

    1. <gasp!> NEVER! Don't you EVER say that again!

  3. Wow…guess he's serious about making some changes.

    Good for him!

  4. "I'm going to fucking Hanna's to cook up a warm plate of crow"

  5. Larry is so happy reading that magazine in the first panel, he turns it into a beer in the fifth.

  6. Wow. The growth of these characters has really accelerated these past few months. Is Octopus Pie going the way of Girls with Slingshots and starting the endgame? Please tell me it isn't so!

  7. Yessssss. I was right. Go Will!

  8. For a second I thought he was cutting ties with Aimee in the most blasé way possible. "Thanks man."

  9. At first I was confused and talking to his landlord or something. "IS HE MOVING OUT? WHAAA?" but quitting his… job makes more sense. I'm interested already!

  10. He really did it! My prediction for the next comic:
    Will, wearing a hat and sunglasses, on phone: HANNA!
    Hanna: What?

    1. wills always struck me as a jesse type, especially considering his old look.

  11. “I’m gonna start selling heroin. Weed is for chumps.”

  12. …buy a better chair, maybe?

    1. I've sat in one of those, those chairs are ludicrously comfortable.

      1. Imma take your word for it! ^_^ I just find the contrast between his and Larry's really amusing, it reminds me of the year my boyfriend lived in a flat with his friends after uni and they all brought their own mismatched chairs. It was v clear who the winners were in the furniture party of '13.

    2. tbh. love yourself will, and stop sitting in a college freshman's chair.

  13. Snaps for Will.

  14. Welcome to the "Baggage Shedding Arc", where anything can happen!

  15. Time to update your resume, Will. Oh, wait…
    "Pharmaceutical distributor, 2010-2014."

  16. Lookit Will, making changes and stuffs.

  17. But guys Larry's new HAIRCUT

  18. Eve and Will didn't get together a long time ago because she had issue with his drug dealing. Will is no longer a dealer.
    Will is no longer a dealer!

    1. so now it's going to be him and hannah. I think eve's anxieties will hold her back.

  19. “Now, I’m going to go have more sex with Eve.”

  20. what the hell is up with Larry's hair? Maybe it was always weird, and I just notice now that it's in color.

  21. Huzzah!

    ….now what's Eve's excuse gonna be, eh?

  22. Oh, going to have to disagree with you there. Larry is much less blonde than I imagined. I might have to like him a little bit less now.

    Other than that it's just as lovely as always.

  23. Larry WOULD have that haircut.

  24. Pfft. Potheads are so weak.

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