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  1. As someone looking to get back into the dating pool after an 11 year relationship (just looked it up, we started dating a few years after The Faculty), this hits pretty close to home. Am I supposed to have a Tinder? OKCupid? Figuring out how to meet and date someone is terrifying. All this is to say, I'm really looking forward to this new storyline!

    1. Okcupids where I met my last two girlfriends. The current one and me are still going so… that might work?

    2. I think people you meet through friends (yes, the setup) and in social groups is the way to go. Also, activity groups (running groups, etc). Just don't be a creep!

    3. Depends on your area, but I had good luck with OKCupid. I wasn't from the area, and only had a small group of friends, so I didn't have a great way of meeting people besies bars (obv. not ideal).
      Definitely talked to a few crazies, went on a date or two, but then met the person I've been with for almost 4 years now. Either way, you'll figure some things out just by putting yourself out there. Good luck!

    4. I know at least 2 people who met on OK Cupid and have gotten/are getting married. I also know several people who use it and are getting nowhere. YMMV, I guess. Getting set up by your friends is fun, because you get to find out what your friends think of you based on the person they set you up with.

      1. "….you get to find out what your friends think of you based on the person they set you up with."
        For some reason, I find that even more frightening than online dating.

    5. OKCupid’s still going strong. I don’t actually use it, but they send me “new profiles that you might be interested in” alerts like, all the time. ALL the time. So people are obviously using it enough to warrant some attention. And unlike Facebook or whatever, you won’t get laughed at/ mocked for obviously being there to find a date.

    6. I mean I don’t use it *anymore*. I am up to my eyeballs in boyfriends. XD

    7. Every person I know who went on OKCupid went through this process:

    8. I've gotten a lot of decent choices from OKCupid as well. Jumping on the bandwagon!

  2. The worst people I've met, I've met on Tinder.

  3. I would really love to see Hanna and Marek reunite and return to their happiness…but Hanna is definitely growing and changing and that's awesome…but I really miss Marek and his ducks.

    1. I would really, really love to see them get back together as well. From a character development perspective though, I am glad they split. I feel like there was just no way we were going to get so in-depth with the core of Hanna's being without her needing time alone.

      That said, perhaps her personal growth is what the relationship needed. Here's to hoping their paths wind back together. 🙂

    2. Same! I still don't ENTIRELY understand why they broke it off…was it Marek's parents? Because he's from another country?…either way, it seemed pretty obvious neither of them were happy about it.

      1. A big part of it was that they have very different ideas for their future, as evidenced by the fact that Marek wanted kids and Hanna didn't.

        1. I always wondered- the reason Hannah didn't want kids was mostly she felt she'd be a bad parent cause she was high all the time– She recently lost her ability to get high- like, at all. We don't see her getting high anymore. Would she be open to it? who knows?

        2. I think it was way more than that. It may have been true that she felt like she'd be a bad parent, but that doesn't exclusively link with being high all the time.

          Personally, I don't smoke pot or really do anything (straight edge I guess) but I'd be afraid of being a bad parent and is the main reason why I don't want kids myself. But t's not just the fear of "messing up" the kid. It's deeper than that. It's messing up this kid who will grow up to have independent thought and actions that will ALWAYS be a person that *came out of you* and is a PART of you.

          Not only that, but your status has been forever changed: You will never NOT have had that kid. People joke that after 18 your work is done, but that's a load of bullcrap. You'll never stop being a parent to the person you raised, and you'll ALWAYS be a parent even after you die.

          The reason why Marek and Hanna broke up was because they both understood this. Marek wasn't only ready for it, he was straight-up looking forward to it for his future. Hanna was not.

          And that's not a bad thing! If anything, breaking up was the most responsible thing that one can do in this situation, and says a lot about them. Some people I know who ARE parents don't even realize this responsibility.

  4. Go do things you enjoy doing, in an environment where other people do them too. Talk to the other people about the thing you're all doing. Instant thing in common, instant thing to talk about. Relationships, both platonic and romantic, will develop naturally without all the weirdness/awkwardness of "dating".

    1. Just don't try this with more than two people in the group, otherwise you could get a reputation as "the guy/girl who's just here to get a date," and people may not believe you're genuinely interested in the activity, which will in turn make it more difficult to have a natural conversation with somebody. If you strike out twice, just resign yourself to doing something you enjoy with other people who also enjoy it; things could be a lot worse.

      If the things you enjoy don't involve other people, get a lot of practice in listening to people tell you you are a stuck-up asshole who thinks way too highly of himself/herself. A good way to get this practice is to wait for a friend or family member to give you the advice Nova gives, and then explain that the things you enjoy don't involve other people.

      Also, the part about things not being weird/awkward is a damn lie. They're always going to be weird and awkward at some point; it's not like if you hang around someone for X amount of hours, now you're just automatically dating. The "natural" phase, during which you discuss the mutual-interest activity and get to know the other person, is going to be longer than it is for straight-up dating, but at some point you're going to have to ask the other person on a date, and they're going to say yes or no, and the next 1-2 weeks are going to be at least a little weird and awkward no matter which way they respond.

  5. How old is Hanna? I'm trying to do the math right now and if they'd been together since high school then HOOOOOO BOY.

    1. She's the same age as Eve- they were in kindergarten together. So if Eve is joking about wanting to watch The Faculty with boys in high school, then yeah, probably.

  6. shit, the faculty came out 17 years ago – that means if Hanna/Eve were around 13 they are in their early 30's now?

  7. Here's a hot dating tip based on personal experience: be impossibly shy and never ask anyone out or anything, just wait for someone to admit they like you

    This has worked for me 100% of the time, it's absolutely foolproof (if you're patient enough)

    1. kind of tried that. am old, grey, and lame now. so, great advice. did you notice your name is an anagram of 'jerkboy'?

      1. I've actually never noticed that, huh

    2. i tried this advice and now i am dead

      thanks a lot

  8. Okay. Now it makes all the more sense why Marek left. If he wanted kids and Hanna didn’t, she is pretty much set in her decision and before long biology may solidify her choice–speaking as someone who was on the fence herself until her early 30s.

  9. Oh my, this is exactly what I've been asking myself these past months. How the fuck do you meet people once you're not in school anymore and new people don't automatically appear in your group of friends anymore?

    Life is hard.

  10. Hannah is my favorite character. I feel like if you take all of the main-ish characters and present them with moral/life problems, hannah's gonna pick the paths similar to my own and will pick well. Go Hannah! You got the brain, the heart, and the baked good for kickin ass.

  11. uh yeah okcupid is good if you're a straight dude, not so much if you're a woman

    1. it's very easy to weed out and ignore assholes and/or set up oksea profiles so as only to see queer people (depending in preference, naturally)

    2. I am a lady, I have had good experiences with it. But yeah. Mail filters are where it’s at.

    3. Met my fiance on okcupid actually. If you can wade through the sea of dick pics, you can find a few gems.

  12. My god, what did you do to Bullwinkle?

  13. So I have no idea what the Faculty is. I thought it was a made up movie name for Octopus Pie world.

    1. WATCH. IT.

      1. Hey, thanks! I thought it was one of those insufferable frat movies.

        1. heywhosyourdaddy

          it's good, really.

          I have no idea if it has aged well though.

    2. It's been a ludicrously long time since I've watched it so I may be remembering it wrong, but I found it enjoyable. Then again, I watched "Robot Jox" a long time ago, enjoyed it, then watched it again 15 years later. YIKES.

  14. "Is Tinder an old people joke or is that real?"
    Does she mean, is it a joke old people tell or a joke on old people?

  15. Started reading OP a few months back, just finally caught up now. This comic is awesome!

  16. So I guess Octopus Pie is using the old superhero comic "sliding timeline"? It seems like not much time is passing in the comic (they should be in their 30s by now!), and yet they have Tinder?

  17. Holy shit, I LOVE that movie!

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