#568 – closure

December 22nd, 2012

#568 – closure

A good Saturday to you all! It’s freeezing in NY. Next time I see you it will basically be Christmas! But come back because I’m gonna wrap this story next week.


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Jackie says:

    OMG wait. Wait wait wait. I legitimately don't know what's going on here. Did Will actually let this all happen because he knew it would be the the push Mari needed to stop Jonesing over him? Or did HE need this, cuz HE'S the one still Jonesing over Mari? OMG wat??

    Also, wow Larry.

    • adamrocketblack says:

      NO! HA!
      Basically Will Pulled a Prometheus … went in the direction of the motion and Got run over the Rock ( Vomit ) .
      Panel 6 Will sees shes about to barf , and looks in terror

      Panel 7 &8 he instinctively takes a step backwards, trips against the bed,
      and falls backwards onto the bed

      Panel 9 Wills looks in Super-terror ( presumably Mar also launched herself forward as she puked , as people are known to do. By bending over and hurling she would be right over Wills crotch ) He is probably seeing Chunks Flying right at him at this moment.

      Poor Girl, Mar probably Pinned Will as she Vomited all over his Dick.
      ( Panel 10 ) off panel scream

  2. anotherfellow says:

    I LOVE panel 8. She is so content with the situation!