#757 – one foot in an imaginary place

I think I've had a tendency to go overly poetic in OP - I don't want to fall back totally on "style" when justifying that. But it still accomplishes something I wanted to do. Marigold talking this way isn't a literal reflection of reality; it was a moment to create. Still, I do feel a little funny reading it back, and that's unlikely to change.

This to me was an actual turning point for Jane, realizing Mar has more to offer than it seems - that she's opinionated, has a perspective forged by the past, that the words "familiarity", "security" and "closure" all have context for her. Jane's also just a little embarrassed to have her own advice pushed back on her, and hey, maybe she's into that?

3 thoughts on “#757 – one foot in an imaginary place

  1. I feel like a lot of this advice comes from some of the worst parts of Mar, but it also amounts to some of the best advice given in the entire comic.

  2. Marigold's personal journey is one of the most beautiful in this comic. What she becomes by the end is not at all what I expected from her early appearances.

  3. Poor Eve. I imagine that she expected that Mar's self-realization was a bit more shallow, that she'd still be an over-indulgent dreamer, except with some authoritativeness fruit of her newfound confidence and success. That she'd hear pretty much what she wanted to hear, coming from somebody she had grown to respect a bit more than her own self.

    It's not an unfair expectation; I think that the reader would perhaps also have been meant to think that (what with the princess costume from the previous arc) up until the previous page where we see her declining to smoke with Jane.

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