#756 – it’s just a dream

Eve isn't being completely truthful in asking for Marigold's opinion. What she's really looking for - and we'll see more of it in time - is permission to think about Park the way she does, and maybe even act on something irrational.

In turn, and with all the best intentions, Jane is engaging in a sort of advice-giving that, eventually, friend groups have diminishing time for. With her limited understanding of Eve's situation she projects her own experience, wondering if the two can be compared. In doing so she leads Eve a little closer to the thing she's looking for - and farther from the hard path of acceptance. But is it possible to set someone on that path before they're ready? Survey says no.

4 thoughts on “#756 – it’s just a dream

  1. And here we get, in that final panel, our first real sign of Marigold's growth as a character (and as a person). That expression says volumes!

  2. Jane looks at Marigold and wonders. A little voice in her head says, "If you think there's a chance, isn't it worth knowing?"

  3. I just realized that the ladies from the bus stop are in the background of the first panel.

    Ain' nobody gonna ruin their god damn spa day!!

  4. What does she mean by "fractured"?

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