Panel 1 was written from the POV of a young university teacher, who was beginning to understand when the window of getting through to students had been missed. Mar's latte was just an attempt to show how much caffeine and how few nutrients the students were getting.

Another page I kind of wish I could've spread out a bit, to show the girls actually at McDonald's starting their convo, before Hanna retreats to her own room past midnight. I wanted the time jumps to be jarring, but I think this challenges the reader a little too much to calibrate who's saying what, if they get it at all. Again, the constraints of time and the capacity of a minicomic set me back.

Hanna's cereal is a dual refrain to their conversation, and an ode to my favorite non-vegan cereal that comes in a tiny box.

3 thoughts on “OTSAN #6

  1. I think the time jumps work really well at conveying Hannah's exhaustion. Like there are times where she appears to be functional but there are really only the flashes of disjointed awareness.

    My only question is how she wound up in the right class if she thought it was Tuesday. When I went to college all my classes were either MWF or TuTh. I guess Mar just scooped her up somewhere along the way and shepherded her to the right place.

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