Ghost figures in the night. I tried to stage Jacques' crotch at around eye level with Hanna, to really sell the power dynamic.

During college I worked at the school library, mostly handling tech support in the computer labs. At the end of the night it was my job to usher the desperately tired, overworked and screen-addicted out of the building. It was an easy job, but I was shy, so this ended up being the most challenging part.

Just to be clear, Randall is wearing a paper mask over his beard.

6 thoughts on “OTSAN #7

  1. Bosses being dicks about quality? Yeah, ok. He gets a pass for that, that makes sense.

    Bosses talking to you about the ways in which you need to specifically suffer for them? VERY not okay. I'm glad this terrible douchenozzle at this terrible job doesn't ruin baking for Hanna.

  2. Fuuuuuck so much every "that's how it works" and "there's a line for your job out the door" exploitative asshole in every industry.

  3. So I had this job where I was packaging orders. One day we had a huge amount of orders and I worked hard to get everything packaged and ready to send out on time. The next day we had considerably fewer orders, so I relaxed a bit and worked at a more leisurely pace. And then "Jacques" was miffed that I didn't work as fast as I did on the busy day.

    (Prompted by the first balloon in the third panel.)

  4. I've loved the little detail throughout this storyline of Randall just being a chill, supportive dude to Hanna while apparently not ever realizing how much of a dick Jacques is being to her.

  5. it is pretty interesting comparing how hannah described her experience with jacques in the internship arc (constructive, a mentor relationship) with how it actually played out (cruel, manipulative); makes you wonder how much of this exploitative trash got internalized, and how much of that "suffering is justified through hard work" mentality translated into how she carries herself for the rest of the series.

  6. Christ, what an asshole.

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