Texting addiction has been a thing for a while, but to me the Sidekick was the beginning of Endless Texting as we know it, far more than the slow-as-balls RAZR or the corporate-class Blackberry. I'm still delighted by the elegance of this page in showing the girls' compulsions and their half-hearted attempts to curb them.

3 thoughts on “OTSAN #8

  1. Sidekick 4g baby!

  2. Man, I miss having a cell phone with a slide-out physical keyboard. It helped that they came out right before phone companies cottoned on to the market advantages of having phones break easily, so mine was practically indestructible (I still own it–my work adopting a security system that required an Authenticator app is the thing that finally forced me to join the ranks of smartphone owners).

    1. I'm in love with the slide-out keyboard. I still use a Samsung Moment–I think my 4th since 2010. ($50 for a good one on eBay.)

      I text much faster than any of my friends and make lists, compose long lists and letters and more. I have the basic apps I rely on backed up so I can install them on a new phone since apps are no longer supported on it.

      We have a "Lyft phone" in the house. When I need to use an app, I put it on that thing. Occasionally that means I'm taking two phones somewhere, but only rarely.

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