#786 – i can fix it

How do we feel about it?? I'm still into it. Hanna and Larry are descendants of a sidekick tradition, and the attraction is natural. But it's not meant to be, as we'll see later. Larry is kind, but to everyone; he lacks the focus to give himself to anyone in particular. Hanna needs loyalty above all, and that doesn't change even as her outlook improves. Still... cute??

10 thoughts on “#786 – i can fix it

  1. I might be dense but originally I thought Hanna's "relatable" response was extremely sarcastic, and then her closing line as being disappointed Larry wasn't up for verbal sparring

  2. right couple, wrong circumstances. sometimes shit just does 't work out v =/ v

  3. Man does Hannah strike out here on for the rest of the series?

    1. From what I remember its not so much that she strikes out, its that she stops beating herself up over being single every 5 minutes.

  4. Very cute.

  5. One of those nearly-but-not-quite pairings which dot all of our personal landscapes…

  6. I feel like, even with no context most readers probably sing "oh will what the fuuck" exactly the same way in their heads

  7. Really like Eve's "subtle" booty-text.

  8. The idea of the pan being bent like that because Will threw it and then Hanna stretching it back into shape with one foot while balanced on the other is giggle-inducing to me.

  9. Oh, Larry can cook! At least drunk food. I may have been too hasty complaining about his apparent lack of basic survival skill in a comment on the earlier strip where he lectures Aimee about where to buy the best breakfast, that I may not have actually posted.

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