#787 – no leads yet

Hanna's borrowed Will shirts are all from my old gyms - this one being Body Reserve, an old man gym in Park Slope that recently closed, was replaced by a co-work space, and then that closed. You know, the traditional salting of the earth.

5 thoughts on “#787 – no leads yet

  1. I followed Octopus Pie through high school. It ended before I turned 20. This was one of those pages that I absolutely Did Not Get the first time through. Why would Hanna stay? What did "Clink" mean? I know. High school, man. And now with a few more years it seems so obvious, like why would Hanna even be surprised.

  2. Larry is game for anything. Hannah is realizing that she still has feelings but they are frequently Terror and Aghastness. Well done artist, storyteller, and colorist!

  3. Ah, coworking – the business everyone wants to make work, and that seems to make sense to everyone, but that never actually works. Except if you fleece venture capitalists for billions of dollars and then cash out before the whole thing crashes.

    Re: the comic – is this the greatest almost-bang in Octopus Pie history?

    1. Maybe I'm just too old-school, but I don't get co-working. Heck, I'm still reeling from the effects of going to an open plan.

  4. honestly I think about the “clink” like once a week—so well timed and great!

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