#763 – no easy way to say it

New story time! I guess winter isn't OVER yet.

35 thoughts on “#763 – no easy way to say it

  1. well this is going to be a cheerful story.

  2. Oh…
    Oh no…
    Oh nonononono Eve…
    (No Park too, but OH NO EVE moreso)

  3. Oh hell.

    So this is a flashback to when they were younger, right? I mean, Park can’t be “breaking up” with Eve in the present, they aren’t together…

    1. Yup. Plus it’s in Rochester. Remember Eve talking about how lonely and miserable it was back at that ren faire chapter?

  4. Love the change in colors here, but I am very confused.

  5. I love the color use.

    …Whoa. Heavy start to the new story arc.

    I'm on the edge of my seat, bring it!

  6. Wait, how did Meredith get into the back of my car to get the model for all the trash in the back?!

  7. nananananananananananananan

    I'm pretty sure this is a flashback. Eve stated before that she once lived in Rochester for a year, I think that sign is meant to help point us in that direction.

    1. Fuck I miss Marek 🙁

      1. You and everyone, Donnie. You and everyone. :/

      2. "I want to raise a family up here" All of the Hanarek feels D:

  8. I do *not* understand why some people treat their cars like a garbage dump… It's so disgusting.

    1. Looks more like clutter than a dump. I mean, there’s some garbage, but mostly looks like books and papers for school.

    2. I think this specifically is meant to reflect the state of Eve's life at that point. Disorganized, chaotic. Her self esteem probably wasn't the highest then. A lot was going on. She would be troubled, depressed. Had she been happier, the car likely would have been cleaner.

  9. Panel 3 is amazing. You immediately know from Eve's body language that the mood has dramatically shifted…

  10. I've been here before… the intense longing for someone you love but aren't near, the excitement of seeing them, then all your happiness being ripped away just like that. It was over 8 years ago now, but this page brought it all back. That feeling really, really sucks. I feel for you, Eve!

    1. Been there too. It's awful. I didn't really understand that a person *could* visit another person JUST to break up with them until it happened to me. Poor Eve.

  11. Just more evidence that winter is the season where happiness goes to die.

  12. I had always assumed (possibly wrongly due to previous story context) that eve had been the one to end things. When you consider how much she still pines for him this makes so much more sense.

  13. This is a flashback for when Park and Eve dated the first time, I knew they talked about it before…
    I FOUND IT! http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-02-16/259-within-y

    Right after Will and Eve kiss when they totes shouldn't have. 😉

    1. I love seeing Meredith's evolution in art and narrative style. I think currently Meredith says a lot more, with a lot less dialogue boxes. Not that OP wasn't AMAZING before, but it's even more amazing now. 🙂 Thanks for this!

  14. *record scratch*


    Loving the silent frigid atmosphere. Can't fucking wait to buy this in a full color anthology.

  15. Eyyyy, greetings from Rochester! Man, Meredith really did the colors nicely on this, it feels just like winter. Also, I've had a similar thing happen in the same city, so all aboard the feelings train for this arc 😐

    1. The colors are done by Valerie Halla! Glad you like them.

  16. When I don't understand what's going on, I just look in the Comments section, and you guys got my back. (y)

  17. Wonder if Eve was going to U of R or RIT during her sojourn in Rachacha

  18. Find the bad stuff and stomp on its head, Eve!

  19. i love the sound of the windscreen wipers! can't wait to see more

    1. I didn't even notice that holy heck THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS IMPECCABLE.

  20. The atmosphere is so vividly rendered that I can smell the inside of that car.

  21. So this is a flashback to when they were younger, right? I mean, Park can't be "breaking up" with Eve in the present, they aren't together

  22. this smash cut palette change is gorgeous, really striking, sets the new tone immediately

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