761 + 762 – reset button

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  1. Aaahhhh, still ship it.

  2. Eve talks about him as if he is lost,



  3. dem soup dumplings, tho

  4. Ah oh no I feel so terrible for Will. He obviously really likes her and she isn't sure whether she does or not, really. The comment about keeping him on the hook is spot on. I really hope she's been clear about where she stands but I dread that she hasn't. I've been in both positions and it's goddamn rough. I hope that she can let go of the ideal of Park and focus on the reality of Will. 🙁

    1. Yeah, but when it started, Eve made it clear that she isn’t trying to get in between Will and Aimee. I’m guessing Aimee is still Will’s weekend girl and now Eve is his weekday lady.

    2. it's not as if they're dating or anything, though. will has a girlfriend still, remember! eve is probably wanting something permanent or stable, because while this fling with will is fun, it's still just a fling, and she doesn't expect him to commit to her

      kinda worried for both of them, tbh :')

      1. Have you forgotten that Eve really wanted to be with Will, before she knew he was a dealer? That was a thing. And if he really does dump the gig, I could easily see her wanting to rekindle that flame.

  5. Eve's secrets have secrets.

    She's complex.

    1. She has layers.

      1. like an onion.

        1. There was a time where I would have described Eve as an ogre without hesitation.

  6. I don't think she's texting Will necessarily. It could be someone else from her past.

    My guess? VICTOR, of course!

    1. I think it is will. Thats why she reacted that way when jane took her phone. She doesnt want mar to know.

    2. I will NEVER LET GO

    3. I wouldn't call Victor someone from Eve's past. Victor is too great-hearted to be confined to any single past.

  7. The view of the city from behind the railing is beautiful. Also that highway sign pointing up to nowhere.

  8. No, Eve, you have the BEST FRIENDS. Bad friends would never take you on a spa day and then give you wisdom bitch advice.

    I moved out to the country for a job, so perhaps I speak out of jealousy, but I miss having friends like that close by.

    1. I feel you. Friends who can do this while still laughing / giggling too. I feel like I'm so serious sometimes.. I like friends who can make me laugh 🙂 and I try to do the same back!

    2. I like how the characters in this strip pass the wisdom ball between them ^^

  9. i'm not really sure I understand the texts. Did she lie to Will?
    An explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I don't think she lies to him, I think she just is a little ambivalent; excited in one text, stand-offish in the next. That's the sense I get from their conversation.

  10. Don't swipe left. Don't swipe right

  11. *obligatory comment about how great the colors lookt hat people are probably fucking sick of seeing*

    1. I read that as “colons” at first; it was, uh, a jarring thought. But yeah, colors good. So good colors.

  12. Thanks indeed, Valerie ^^ That's one truly neat sunset <3

    1. Her comic looks really cool!

      1. *Nods* Just starting to read it now.

  13. Aww at Marigold joining in with the silliness finally :3

    Also have to join in with the praise of the colouring (So good!), but also Gran's NY skyline/the composition of this strip in general. Just, wow.

  14. poor marigold sitting alone in the back. why is she isolating herself?

    1. She's still recovering after her brush (and pat) with the old ladies.

    2. I think she had some stuff to think about.

      1. Maybe so, but she could at least pretend that she's still part of the day. Maybe sit in the seat right behind them and lean over their shoulders once in awhile.

  15. i read "it sucks telling you my secrets…" and thought it was jane saying that. now i'm disappointed, i want to know her uncool secrets!

  16. Thanks Mer and Val! Great story, art, and coloring. I went back to the start and the art even gets better with each page! ( ^_^)b

  17. True story: the first time I projectile vomited it was at Joe's Shanghai. No more drunken crabs for me. Between Joe's and the Spa Castle-ish setting, this is all hitting pretty close to home (College Point/Flushing)!

    And if that is Will she's texting, I wonder how Mar would react…

  18. Dat colour!!

  19. "What is it?" is perfect.

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