#764 – this is so mean

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31 thoughts on “#764 – this is so mean

  1. Slick…The good o'l "I swear I am not leaving you for someone else…" line. Biggest lie in human history. Right up there with "The check is in the mail…"

  2. "I TOLD you. No one." .. well, that's obviously a lie. I kind of wanted to sympathize with the whole "long distance is incredibly taxing, it's never easy to break up with someone, you always look like a villain when you do it" thing Park has going on, but then I remember he's been cheating on Eve this whole time.

    1. … WELL CRAP.

    2. How do you guys remember this stuff??

  3. ouch. park confirmed in a previous comic that he had indeed started seeing someone, right?

  4. *new comic appears on twitter feed*

    "Oh fuck yes."


    *agonizing wait for next comic begins once more*

    Great page once again. Now back to my agony.

    1. There's probably a German word expressing how excitement turns to agony when reading serialized comics.

      1. Spannungswechsel.

  5. Octopus Pie is weird in how it will feature these horrible situations, and they're executed just so fucking perfectly that it gives me this warm feeling inside.

    And I'm just like, "mmmm, yeah Eve…you GO from a sarcastic laugh to a crying face…so good."

  6. Oh man.

    As someone else pointed out, I think: nasty, snowy weather just makes painful breakups like this, even worse. Ugh.

  7. I JUST REALIZED this is probably their FIRST breakup from before Hanna even came to live with Eve

  8. "I TOLD you, no one."

    Oh Park you asshole.

    That's just so familiar. Eve needs to forget about that douchebag, he's hurt her once and twice, there's no need for a third time 🙁
    When it won't work, it just won't.

    1. Seriously though, this is like my two worst breakups in one. The guy who leaves me for someone else but doesn't even own up to it. And the long distance shit were I spent my last dime to go see him for a week and he breaks up with me on the 3rd day and I ended up having to stay at his place for the remaining 4, crying, cause I didn't have any money to go stay somewhere else until my flight home… AWKWARD. AND PAINFUL.

      1. That was such a specific experience in my life I don't think I ever realized it might've happened to anyone else…thank you.

        1. heywhosyourdaddy

          Oh wow, I'm sorry it happened to you too but I must admit I feel less shitty knowing it *awkward half-hug of sympathy*

      2. I did this. I left my ex for someone else I had fallen in love wth. I wanted to tell them but I was advised by everyone not to because it would be hurtful.

  9. God, seeing the whites of Eve's eyes for the first time in such a long time is incredibly exciting and saddening at the same time. I mean, with this much definition.

    1. I think that was a great artistic choice! Shows the vulnerability very well.

      1. Absolutely. Adds so much depth to the scene.

  10. I completely get where Eve is coming from with her focus on Park. I think a recent theme of this strip is "what we do to try to heal on the surface when really we need some deep-down help." I've stayed in a poor relationship because I wasn't ready to admit my low self-esteem to myself, and truly work on it. I was more of a Marigold, joining a rock climbing gym and learning mindfulness, but still with a poor sense of self underneath. (I'm in therapy now, but I'm not sure I see OP characters going in that direction? I could maybe see Mar starting to go, and then brag about how "great" it is. I've done that too. I think I'm a bit of a Marigold actually. ha. Working on it).

    The healing-on-the-surface-but-not-deep-down thing (any shorter way to say this? Denial?) has showed up in a bunch of characters. For Eve, it's the whole 'wisdom-bitch' persona, and even Will to an extent (until she works out her feelings on Park). For Marigold, it's the whole "I've made this spa-going, balanced transformation and figured everything out" attitude when, really, some expressions in the spa story made me think something else is going on (why couldn't she smoke with Jane)? The old ladies totally called her out on this, too. For Hanna, it was the running, and she even monologues on the whole idea (rudely, in a way that drives Greg away) in this strip: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-11-26/730-731-mali

    I hope this arc is a way that Eve contemplates her past, realizes who Park truly is, and gets the INNER strength and resolve to truly leave it behind and realize she's too good for him. (I think the better, but true cliche in this case is: he doesn't DESERVE her).
    I hope Eve realizes that, even with her low self-esteem (then and now), she is better then a relationship like this. And better then keeping one foot in an imaginary (ideal-boyfriend) world, as Mar said. That's huge progress.

    Can't wait to see where this arc goes! I love the relatable, introspective nature of this comic. Thank you Meredith.

  11. I don't quite understand "you think I want to be up here with her?"…I thought Eve's mom was in New York City, as was Park, and Eve was in Rochester. So how was she "up here" with her mom at that time, due to Park's visit? Anyone? Bueller?

    1. I thought Eve and her mom were in Rochester and Park in NYC. I assume Park played the "You're so far away" card, kind of blaming Eve for the distance and that's why she replies the way she does in the first panel.

    2. It looks like her mom and dad just split so Eve is living with her Mom because her Mom is sad. she doesn't WANT to live there but feels obligated to.

      1. That makes more sense. Though from previous strips it seemed clear that Eve's mom was living in NYC…then she moved back to NYC from Rochester?

  12. I just want to say, to everyone:

    I fucking love the Octopus Pie comment section.

    You people are the best. This is probably one of the only place on the internet where I comment, and everyone is so nice and respectful and fun and we have all these deep and silly conversations about our lives based on the characters lives and it's funny how Octopus Pied really seems to push us to reflect on ourselves and our lives.

    This place is the best group therapy ever.

    And I love Octopus Pie as a comic lover, but it has such a depth to it, it's relatable but more than just in a "happens to everyone" way, it just explores so many things that we think to be so specific and makes us realise we're not alone.

    I keep saying it but Octopus Pie just is the story of my life, through every character.
    And it has helped me so much in diffcult times, when I had trouble analysing and reflecting on some situations. And then bam, a new comic is up and it's always the right comic at the right time.

    I dread the day Octopus Pie stops, because how will I ever figure my life out without it? But I guess it has made me grow and maybe now I'm a little less dumb 😀
    And when Meredith wants to let it go, I'll let it go. Probably will cry a little though.

    Wow. I guess it's a lot of pressure to put on a comic, but Octopus Pie is just that. It's special. Just like some records or books that are special in my life. It really made an impact on me. It's more than just a good comic. Or entertaiment.

    There. I've said it.

    Thank you Meredith. Thank you Eve, Hanna, Marigold, Marek and all. Thank you Octopus Pie community.

  13. This is quite a random question (but one that I'm sure you commenters can help with nonetheless): Do we ever learn whether or not Eve went to college? Does it even matter in the grand scheme of things? Is it bad that I assumed she did up until now because most of the other characters are old college bros? This sounds like an exam question? Oh well

    1. I was going to write that she had, but the page I was going to cite is actually ambiguous on the matter (http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-03-16/452-heres-what-happened/). Before I reread it, though, I would've sworn that Eve was a creative writing major.

      1. Yeah, reading that to me makes it seem like she did go to college, but she never finished.

        But I wonder whom she was seeing? She and Park had clearly been serious ("I spent the past three days being so in love with you" she says) but in that comic she says "I was seeing this guy kind of, not really", and she hadn't met Will yet. So who was it? And did she leave college before or after she and Park split?

      2. I totally forgot about this scene! And the creative writing major thing does ring a bell. Interesting…

  14. While Park in this situation definitely was cheating on Eve and left her for someone else, it's not always the case with relationships. I was very much in love with my boyfriend, and found myself slowly fall out of love with him for reasons I couldn't even understand, I tried to hold on for as long as I could but I knew I was hurting him more by trying to make something out of nothing so I broke up with him. I wasn't interested in anyone else. I'm still mad at myself for losing attraction to him when he was perfectly sweet and we had everything in common, but these things DO happen, not everyone breaks up to see someone else. I also have friends who've done the same.

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