#755 – it’s hard to ever forget

39 thoughts on “#755 – it’s hard to ever forget

  1. The shading on this comic is pretty too! Poor Eve. I dunno if my exes think about me either. She's pretty cold to me now.

  2. Nononononono NO!! My God Eve! Hanna told you! Never go into an old flame!

  3. Well, they are…

  4. Wow. Eve is just looking more and more adorable as the comics go on.
    Art evolution is a funny thing.

  5. D8 Eve! No!

  6. Oh my gods, still pining for Park. Really? :cccc

  7. OH No! Please Don't do it, Eve!
    Don't beat-yourself-up over an old flame. You guys are in different towns, + probably different time zones, but pining over him is the path of heartbreaks + madness. (Eep).

    [ I know that Eve is from a fiction, but I'd still hate to see her get hurt. I really like her.]


  8. I read the title as "It's hard to never forget", i thought Eve's mother was going to show up.

  9. oh man, these colours.

  10. *adjusts nerd glasses* the implications are staggering here!!!

  11. Mind the GAP cus sensitive Eve is cute too!

    And heartbreaking.



  13. Oh my. Oh my. Oh…

  14. I wonder why Eve asked Marigold this question and not one of her nerd friends…?

    1. Come to think of it, it feels like it's been a while since Eve has hung out with her old band of nerd friends. Wonder why?

  15. Hey Eve, if it didn't work once and didn't work twice… it's probably better not to get hurt a third time. 🙁

    1. And you do it again Meredith. You spy in my mind.

  16. Panel 3 embarrassed Eve is adorable.
    That said, Oh Eve. Just… It's gonna be ok.

    1. I know! What is wrong with all you Brooklyn boys? She's right there!

  17. CAUGHT….UP

    Been marathon reading this since October and now I'm *finally* up to date! And I just wanna say OP has been one of the greatest webcomics I've ever come across in terms of character development EVER. It's so good that it needs nothing else; just a group of peers interacting & fumbling through life in the most sublime ways.

    1. That and the rock lobster.

  18. That thing where the friend you brought along to meet your other friend is really bonding with your other friend and you realize that at some point in the day you became the odd one out.

    1. …Which is why I, personally, almost never do the group-friends thing. I’m happy to be part of someone else’s group, but I almost never introduce two friends of my own. Friend and boyfriend’s fine, but just dlkjgh never friend and friend. Because it seems like I always end up where Eve is.

  19. Colors have been looking great throughout this arc, and especially the last two updates! Great contribution to the mood.

  20. Oh my god no. No no no. Park is bad news. Park is a huge jerk. Do not.

  21. Omg I didn't even realize the first time she was complimenting her boobs omg.

  22. Lots of things to love about this page, but the subtle shift in lighting between the top panels and the bottom is my favourite.

  23. The colors on this page are incredible!
    I’m wondering if Eve is asking about Park as a roundabout way of finding out if Mar still has feelings for Will?

  24. this is breaking my heart. I love eve and will together I want them to work out.

  25. That last panel is now the dictionary definition of "scrunch down in the water".

  26. Is Eve drunk? Why is she bringing this up? And why to Mar? And why in front of Jane? And why not to Hanna? Furthermore, where is Hanna??

  27. But… But… Wiiiiiiiillllllllllllll! She has Will!

  28. I can relate and I only have one exe. I'm more concerned if the guys I've ever liked whole heartedly–whom I don't speak with–ever think of me . . . I wonder if the guy I like now thinks of me at all . . .

  29. Hmmm I guess it's not out of the blue that she has unresolved feelings for Park. We did get that baby dream. I mean she never seemed happy enough with him to justify going for it a third time. From what I recall she always did seem sort of conflicted and they just wanted different things. But even if she could never make up her mind on him there was probably always a part of her that thought they'd figure it out eventually. But I'd be surprised if Park were still thinking about her in a "she's an option" sort of way. I think for Park the deciding factor of if they'd be together or not was when he decided to leave and Eve didn't want to leave with him. So while he might miss her in an old love sort of way I'd be shocked if he hadn't moved on by now. Hasn't it been like 3 years at this point? He could be married with a kid by now.

  30. http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-04-20/375-the-numi

    Can someone confirm whether this (^) was the last time Eve and Park were physically together? 4/20/10 seems like a really long time ago.

  31. The colors on this one! So good. Especially on the text bubbles, I love that.

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