#756 – it’s just a dream

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  1. aaaaaaaand there is the crack in the perfect new marigold foundation

    1. Nope. That was a lesson she'll never forget. It's always part of her.

  2. lol awww poor marigold…I know what you're thinking.

    Jane wasn't there through Eve and Park's relationship like YOU were. She doesn't know. The gurl just…don't…KNOW.

    Either that, or she's thinking, "psh…women."

    1. She's probably thinking about Will.

  3. And so Marigold remembered the last time "tried" and ended throwing up over Will's dick… so awkward

  4. Mar knows it's not that easy. Park's a prick, you don't need that mess, Eve!

  5. They've been broken up for years and we can assume in that time they've had zero contact. Probably because Eve doesn't want to risk finding out he could be in a relationship or even be settled down at this point or possibly single but no longer interested in her. As long as she stays silent there's always the possibility (at least for her) that they can just resume things. But people don't work like that and there's a reason they're not together now. It's not so much romantic but a little sad that Eve thinks he could just be out there waiting for her. She probably should just contact him though. If they both want to try and fail for a third time I guess that's their right. If he's not into it she can finally just let him go.

    1. Exactly this. It's easy to romanticize a former relationship when you don't have any contact with the person in question and see it as a road not taken, especially if you had strong feelings for the person and the distance has allowed you to forget some of their most glaring flaws. Given how Eve seems to be feeling right now, Park's flaws would almost appear to be benefits to her- remember how he was always pushing her to make more out of her life? Would she be feeling so lethargic and scattered if she had decided to go to Chicago with him and take the risk of leaving her life behind?

      Of course, all that is silly idealization of what was most likely a relationship between two people who wanted fundamentally different things, but that's what time and distance allow you to do to your memories. Contacting Park would at least let Eve know whether this was all in her head or not (and it probably is).

  6. Those two ladies who didn't get onto the bus! they're in the first panel! Hahaha, they made it!

    1. Well it's probably a few hours later and the driver did say he'd be back at noon.

    2. Perhaps there will be a “deleted scene” where they now drown our intrepid heroines.

  7. I just wanna point out how absolutely, ethereally gorgeous the play of form and color in this page is.

  8. Hey Jane… Get me off this crazy thing… called love.

    1. Is that a "So I Married an Axe Murderer" reference?

      1. No, no, no, no, no, no. No to infinity. Negatory. Negatory, good buddy. Ne-ga-to-ry!

      2. Maybe. That's sounds right.

        It might also be like the quote from the 1960s cartoon, The Jetsons: "Jane, how do you stop this crazy thing?"

  9. Goddamn it Jane.

  10. Maybe I'm misreading Mar's reaction, but it kind of reminds me of Hanna's reaction when Will tells her about his plan to quit his job (http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-12-29/740-stick-your-neck-out/)…. Specifically the bit when Hanna goes, "Did you know Eve has an identical conversation with me every few months?" I can almost hear Mar saying that to Jane in her head.

    And I dunno, I remember Eve randomly bringing up the Park problem to Marigold at Marek's graduation, too.

    Not saying Hanna/Marigold are right or wrong in not wanting to talk/hear about this stuff. (And obviously Mar has other reasons to not want to talk about reconnecting with exes!) But I'm wondering if anyone else sees that parallel?

    1. Totally 100%. Though both Hannah and Mar are coming fro two completely different places in their life journeys, I think both of them are tired of the same complaints coming from the same people, and with this conversation I could see marigold reacting like “wow, really?” Especially because she (at least appears) to be getting everything together and here’s eve pining over a long-dead relationship.

  11. Everybody seems to be ignoring the fact that Hanna’s going through a really tough time. Especially Eve. I feel like she’s being incredibly selfish right now, flirting with Will and cheating with him on his GIRLFRIEND, fretting about her ex, and hanging out with Marigold like nothing’s wrong.
    I would hate to have her as a friend or a roommate.

    1. Will and Aimee have an open relationship so nobody's cheating with/on anybody.

    2. Hanna's feelings are her own responsibility. Eve's been very supportive, but aside from being there there's not much else you can do as a friend. There's no rush order on coping with a break-up. Clearly years down the line Eve still has feels about her last relationship. There's nothing wrong with Marigold, Hanna is being petty and Eve is being rather kind to her by not telling her she's an irrational snob.

    3. Hanna doesn't strike me as the type to want attention during a rough time. Eve has been there for her (buying her a mattress, giving her affection, listening to her shit all over Marigold as much as she could stand) but at some point, she has to go on with her own life. Unless you're trained to save people, trying to swim out to someone drowning will only get you both killed.

      And Will and Aimee are… nebulous. I think the way they put it was that Aimee was that she's his girlfriend when she's in town, but that they're not willing to call such a sporadic and long-distance relationship "serious." Which contradicts the way they reached out to each other when Will was beaten, but neither of them have owned up to that. It seems like Eve is in the dark about them, and Will is in denial.

    4. If your expectation is that your friends and roommates should center every waking moment of their lives on you for months after every breakup, and never have any time to relax or time to themselves or time that doesn't involve cleaning up the emotional fallout from your life, I think most people would hate to have you as a friend or roommate too.

  12. Okay can someone please tell me when Eve and Will split? I must have missed that.

    1. I don’t believe they’vve ever been officially “together.” It’s Ms. Gran’s long-running “will they won’t they” thing.

    2. I'm not sure they did! We may have been zoomed in on Hanna when it happened, but it seems like they're both trying to keep it casual. From the pages where they banged, Eve doesn't seem to think Will has serious feelings for her.

  13. Uh… er… no, Jane. Just no. That is… not good advice. Nope. Don't do this Jane. You're one cool lady. I like you. I don't want to see you giving Eve advice that is not good. Seriously. It isn't 🙁

  14. oh christ I hope this comic isn't going to end soon. Eve leaving nyc would probably end it though.

  15. If this will and eve thing doesnt happen im gunna freak out, they are my otp. JUST LET THEM BE TOGETHER

    *cries* *whispers* screw park

  16. Hi Meredith! Just started reading Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift, it's fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

    I was just wondering, does anyone know why Octopus Pie is called Octopus Pie?

  17. Ok, New York is such a huge part of this story and OP belongs in NYC, but as a Chicago resident I would absolutely LOVE an "Octopus Pie: Chicago" story arc. Maybe Eve could just come visit…

    I really want to see Meredith draw our skyline!

  18. I think the key to leaving home is whether you're truly doing it to experience whatever else is out there, or whether you're doing it simply to escape yourself. The "fractured" comment leads me to think it's the latter.. 🙁 And Eve, you'll have yourself wherever you go! Trust me, I learned this from experience..
    /talking to a fictional character

  19. Mar knows it's not that easy. Park's a prick, you don't need that mess, Eve!

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