#754 – no new friends

27 thoughts on “#754 – no new friends

  1. Here comes the REAL TALK

  2. "No new friends"? OK, call me dense but what does Mar mean there?

    1. Areamanlovesburritos

      It's a DJ Khaled (a rapper) reference. No new friends meaning they're successful, but instead gathering a group of hangers-on they have stayed with the people they knew from the start.

    2. I think it's a reference to the Drake lyric: "No new n****s, we don't feel that / fuck a fake friend, where yo real friends at" from Started From The Bottom. Just kind of like "all the cool friends are here now hahahahaa"

    3. All right. Yeah, that must be it. Thanks, guys 🙂

  3. love the colours in this one

  4. In this comic titled no new friends, I am wondering what Marigold means by saying no new friends.

  5. Ahhh! All the non-sexualized, casual nudity! I love it! Why do I love it so much?

    1. Because it's as rare and special as a unicorn in most media.

    2. Because its nudity. Duh!
      He he.
      Well that and because its neat to just see the characters relaxing and being themselves in the buff.

    3. Maybe because it’s refreshing to see in a culture where we’ve all been conditioned to associate nudity == SEX == BAD THINGS DONE BY BAD PEOPLE IN SECRET ONLY SHHH

    4. Same. Because its so rare to see non sexualized/shameified nudes in stories.

    5. Yup! I agree with everyone in this thread. So perfect.
      Also shout-out to the lovely variety of body types too!!

  6. Also I gotta say, the Colors in this page are pretty fantastic!

  7. I wonder if mar knows about will and eve.

  8. “Mar… Can I ask your opinion? Shut the fuck up, Jane.”

  9. Omg I just realize… Does Mar knows that Eve is casual dating Will?! Maybe Eve is about to tell her

    1. Was thinking the same thing. That's totally about to happen. It's about to get super real.

  10. Oh…I just thought she meant that it was the last thing to do at the spa.

  11. "Mar, can I ask you a question?"



  12. Man, what a crazy day at the spa.

  13. Eve has a hard time relaxing.

  14. Oh man, so many things can be asked. Will it be about Hannah? About Will? About her job? Or will it be another type of innocent question that'll trigger an existential response between Mar and/or Jane that Eve doesn't fully know the impact of?

    … or maybe it's just about the spa. I'm heating up the popcorn either way.

  15. jjimjjilbangs are the fuckin best omg

  16. My super late opinion on Marigold's use of the lyrics: they're all naked, so they're not hiding anything from each other anymore.

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