#727 + 728 – so dumb

Greets from Denmark! I'm currently teaching a 2-week course at the Animation Workshop. It's been amazing so far being in such an intensive comic-making environment! But also very busy. Expect at least one more update this week!

53 thoughts on “#727 + 728 – so dumb

  1. this is exactly what living in Portland is like

    1. Is it? I've been thinking about moving to Portland. But I'm allergic to beards.

  2. Sad Hannah is sad.

    Or at least, conflicted.

  3. Poor Hanna. There's beards around every corner in Brooklyn.

  4. AUGH

    (it's a complimentary augh)

  5. Everyone at the Diversity Summit is a white male

    1. lol, maybe that's the joke? :3

    2. Hey, Hannah's there!

      Also the person third from the left has no beard and thus must be female, judging by the rest of the strip.

    3. Or maybe Hannah's reached the point where she's seeing things?

  6. Oh Hannah. All her momentum she built up by running comes crashing down when she sees pseudo-Mareks everywhere 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. I had no idea Marek had red hair. Praise the wonders of full color!

    1. I always pictured him as Swedish, so blond hair and those vortex eyes.

      God that man can make me wet.

  8. I love the diversity summit gag. So many beards!

  9. Malkovich summit?

  10. No-Shave November is harshing Hannah’s mallow.

  11. DON'T



  12. This is just bringing up all the feels for me. T_T

  13. Keep at it Hannah! Outrun all the beards!

  14. Diversity Summit and its all white dudes. HAH

  15. The 2014 Diversity Summit… is all white guys with beards.

    Sounds legit!

  16. Well, it was foolhardy to begin this new phase of her life during Movember.

    I shall hide my face hair, if it helps, Hannah.

  17. All dudes look the same nowadays.

  18. I guess that rock looks like Marek too.

  19. I guess it was a bad time to plan the national Marek look-alike contest.

  20. happy movember hannah

  21. Poor Hannah…

  22. subtle color shift in the background of the last three panels feels like hanna's very relatable emotional descent

  23. No shave november really isn't going well for hannah….

  24. this is making me so sad 🙁

  25. Is this all in the course of 24 hours? She's running… a lot.

  26. Hannah's "shit that's Marek" face.

  27. The rest of November is probably gonna be a bad time for her.

  28. I always thought Marek was blonde and my world has been turned upside down

    1. That's a weird thing to feel that attached to.

      And I know it because I'm having the same feeling 😐

  29. Oh, having to spit while running, how I hate you.

  30. Poor hannah. First everyone looks like Marek, now it's gonna rain on her jog 🙁

  31. Can't run from your problems, Hannah. If you're lucky that is.

  32. Aw, Hannah…

    Hannaaaaah D:

    (I kinda just realized Hannah's name is a palindrome. Huh.)

  33. Hey, awesome you are in Denmark! Though I suppose you are in the other end of the country, in Viborg. I hope you like it here!

  34. Marek, if you are reading thisdsdgaoshvocj

  35. I think Hanna is still trying to get over Marek. I guess the party full of Marek look alikes, sure didn't help. Heh, heh!

  36. aughhhnnnnnNNNNN this is a bit too sad, poor hannah, you can pull thorugh this! the hannah I know is STRONG!!!!! (unlike me here, crying gently into my laptop)

  37. PAnel 9. You can see the Inadequacy in the 1 non-bearded guys eyes.

  38. All around me are familiar faces, bearded faces, bearded faaacessss

  39. It's funny; I always figured Marek was blonde too, but just now, randomly browsing the archives, I came across a coloured strip from 2009 (2009-05-15/289-liberty-interlude if anyone's wondering) and all the hair colours were already as they are now.

  40. Poor Hannah… I think she needs a beard. BEER. I meant beer. Definitely not that other word.

  41. Diversity summit 2014

  42. "Wine no longer makes my heart glad; a little of it makes me sad, much makes me melancholy. My soul is faint and impotent; in vain I prick the spur of pleasure into its flank, its strength is gone, it rises no more to the royal leap. I have lost my illusions. Vainly I seek to plunge myself into the boundless sea of joy; it cannot sustain me, or rather, I cannot sustain myself. Once pleasure had but to beckon me, and I mounted, light of foot, sound, and unafraid. When I rode slowly through the woods, it was as if I flew; now when the horse is covered with lather and ready to drop, it seems to me that I do not move. I am solitary as always; forsaken, not by men, which could not hurt me, but by the happy fairies of joy, who used to encircle me in countless multitudes, who met acquaintances everywhere, everywhere showed me an opportunity for pleasure. As an intoxicated man gathers a wild crowd of youths about him, so they flocked about me, the fairies of joy, and I greeted them with a smile. My soul has lost its potentiality. If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!"

  43. Don't worry, Hanna. I don't have a beard.

  44. Please give Hannah a happy ending, cause so far it's my life you're telling.


  45. Hanna wasn't going for the Diversity Summit; she just stopped in for a drink.

    I'm not sure how we're supposed to read the panel sequence. Is this two intercutting scenes (one of her walking and one of her running later on) or is this a linear sequence where she does happy hour and goes on three runs in one day? The latter would fit with her "addictive" personality (per NYT writer). It makes sense that she would treat exercise like a drug. On the other hand, it also makes sense that she would burn out so quickly on it that way.

    Either interpretation of the panel sequence makes narrative sense and fits with the next scene so it's not a flaw, just an interesting ambiguity : )

  46. Way to go Hannah!

  47. Is that one beard-less dude being beard-shamed by the others?? How cruel!

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