#692 + 693 – you are so dead

I recently rewatched "Romeo+Juliet" (1996) (amazing) and realized there is a very similar scene where she sees his wounds, that this is a very adolescent concept to begin with, and it gives further insight into how little progress Eve and Will have made romantically, together or alone. Until this point, sex is still an opportunity to make jokes and avoid intimacy. The wounds are an unwanted visual reminder that there's more, there's always more, and no one is skillful enough to control when and how it comes out.

3 thoughts on “#692 + 693 – you are so dead

  1. These are two of my favorite pages in the entire series. There's so much going on here. Eve and Will's playfulness that shows back up (in a much healthier way) much later. Will's fear … you can practically hear him remembering Eve's previous reaction to his career and wondering what she'll think of the bruises. The moment of her reaction where you're left wondering, on first read, whether this is going to be a deal-breaker for her … maybe EVE is wondering if this is going to be a deal-breaker for her. The complete lack of dialog on the second page. Awesome stuff.

  2. I've always loved that Eve knew the right thing to do when Will grabs her hands in fear was to kiss him. Maybe she did it because she genuinely comfort him, maybe she did it because she really wanted to get laid, maybe she did it because she made it complicated before and wanted to move past that, maybe a bit of all 3. Just that one thing says a lot about where she is now.

  3. one of my favourite pages. i love these characters more than i can stand

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