#690 + 691 – it’s so okay

The star image in this page haunts me because there's only one instance in my life I would've drawn this, and I caught it in the moment. Which I think makes it a success, and it certainly got a big reaction. Just looking at it now, it's awful the way she reaches up, pleads with her eyes and mouth, writhes around... A baby who demands to be fucked! But what could sum up better where Eve is at? This is truly her liminal space, a need to be held and satisfied, revealed through an adult dance of persuasion. Even in distance, I'm disgusted by its familiarity.

11 thoughts on “#690 + 691 – it’s so okay

  1. This is a great sequence – the one thing that threw me when it first happened was Eve's behavioral shift from earlier comics to now. Reading a second time, it feels much more natural and smooth?
    Also: Is it canon that she's on drugs? I ask because of your earlier note…

    1. Yes, Eve was shown smoking a joint during the "Going In" party. http://www.octopuspie.com/2019-11-21/612-a-succes

    2. Given Eve's subdued nature through the rest of the storyline I THINK Meredith was just being silly, I don't see any obvious indications in the comic that she's supposed to be high during the date.

      Maybe Meredith just meant "this outburst from Eve makes Will think Eve might be high for a moment"?

      1. I didn't mean to say she's high in this story, just that she's generally using drugs.

  2. Huh, I never gave it as much thought as you did (whether that's what you originally intended or not). I just thought she was giving some very goofy enthusiastic consent, since she was worried about letting the moment slip away (again).

  3. Eve is completely manic in this storyline, which is fine – everyone has those moments, and she's in a particularly broken and confused place at the moment – but it's also clearly making Will anxious. I see him actually taking a few minutes to get his shit together as a positive development for the character.

    The whole thing's an interesting lead-up to the next couple of pages, which I love so, so much … but I'll save my comments on those for when they're posted!

    1. Is she? She got a bit wacky when the dog pissed on the coconut, and, well, she's horny here, but she seemed remarkably subdued for the rest of it.

  4. Nothing like being a little forward. I certainly would appreciate it…

  5. "She intimidates me.


    1. Yes, I thought it was exactly this.

      And also very funny.

      And also a sign that she's secure and confident. It struck me as a joking commentary on insecurity and neediness, rather than an expression of actual insecurity.

  6. “aah!”

    Boner detected.

    That’s my insight for the day.

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