#685 – hard to decipher

Guys -- something neat and exciting! I'm forming plans to do Octopus Pie in FULL COLOR in the near future! The comic has been in black & white for 7 years, and I think it's time to try something new that will really enrich the comic. To be sure, I'll need your help for this. I would be employing a colorist, so I've made this a priority as the next goal of my Patreon Campaign. If we hit $2400 in pledges a month, it'll be enough to keep me eating and happy, AND working with a great colorist to produce 10 full color pages. If you love the comic but haven't pledged, this is a great opportunity to do something that directly affects the art. It doesn't need to be much - even a buck or two per month will help towards the goal! Pledges over $2 will also give you access to the sketches and vintage OP art I post to Patreon. If the promise of color hasn't sweetened the deal enough, colorist Sloane Leong has done three sample pages of recent strips! You can look at them here. Also be sure to check out Sloane's excellent cartooning and illustration work. YEAH!

32 thoughts on “#685 – hard to decipher

  1. Those silhouette panels are all the more striking for the fact that I don't think we've seen that technique in the comic yet.

  2. Such a dull pain just becomes the backboard of your life. It's nigh unnoticable until you start to fall and realize that there's nothing to break yourself. When you fall into it and you're being smothered people believe that something has gone haywire, as if any one situation has ever caused your distress.

  3. C'mon, Will, you brought the coconut. Don't make the person you got it for break it open on the rusty edge of a public park grill, do it yourself!

    Also, go visit Hannah, you asshole.

  4. Oh no. I was hoping that Eve + Will would become a couple. Now these 2 are making
    statements like they want Will to date Hanna? Hmm. would they be happy as Boy-
    Friend, Girlfriend, + Girlfriend? Or maybe Will and [my idea]-Will's twin brother ,
    could date the 2 women?
    Romance can be so messy, messy, messy! : )

    1. I don't think that's what is being implied, nor do I think that line of thinking would help. Just because Hanna is hurting doesn't mean it'll be cured by jumping into another relationship, whether it's with Will or not. I think if anything Eve is saying he should visit her like how a good FRIEND would do when they're not doing so well.

    2. Will and Hanna have always been portrayed as friends. I don't think there's any implication that they're to date.

      1. It could be that they're not planning to date, at the moment. But it looks like they
        Once tried to date,and gave it up for awhile, in the story number 03, aka
        "Bake N' Bake". I wonder.

        1. I think it's more that their friendship has changed a bit and they grew a bit apart. Probably after Will dumped Marigold, one of Hannah's friends.

    3. I feel like it's not so much about him wanting to date her now or vice versa (think dating your own dealer would probably be about as messy as it gets). More that the fact that he did in the past makes it too awkward/too soon for him to approach her to start baking again, leave his job and move forward in a career he actually wants. He's either being v. sensitive or a tiny bit selfish -haven't decided which I'm going with just yet…

  5. Just a little closer Eve… that's right..

    touch hands damn it

  6. No to critique it, but the comments box has been cutting off the right side of my
    comments, lately.

    Is that happening to anyone else?

    1. Same here. I thought I was the only one! Though I have found that if you open a text box and write in it long enough to get to the righthand edge of the box, you get the full comments (and the downvote button).

      1. interesting. Same thing been happening here.

  7. Damn man, those are some poignant words.

  8. will is a puget sean and hanna is his marigold. these people should really branch out of their overcrowded dating pool and make some new friends.

  9. guys
    guys please don't jinx it

  10. naw, i don't think this is really a setup for will + hanna in a romantic sense. the past relationship between will and hanna is something this comic has (until now?) just hinted at (i think this would be in the 'hanna's day off' arc when she's reminiscing about running around the museum with will). if i had to guess, we'll probably see more of the backstory here, not really a kind of firm resolution on any of the will stuff (his breakup with aimee looms in the distance tho)

    i doubt will and eve will have their happily ever after until octopus pie is just about over, if ever

  11. c'moooooon do more stuffff

  12. The two of you make out already god dammit

  13. Stop being such a coconut, Will. Open up dammit!


    1. You must first realize the truth: There is no coconut. -_-

  15. ..did anyone notice that this comic did not even have a hint of a punchline? And it was, I think, the better for it? Miz Gran, you write dialogue that makes me envious, as an aspiring author. What Eve says in panels five and six….no words. *tips hat*

  16. Seems like Will and Hannah have a lot in common.

  17. Am I the only one dreading The thought of these two potentially getting back together? He’s still got Aimee, or have I missed something?

    1. I get the feeling he’s not really that into Aimee. When he called her and folder her about the fight and she was trying to console him he seemed a little out off by the whole thing. But I think that most of the Will + Eve shipping is because they seemed to work well together as a couple and only broke up because Eve found out Will was selling weed. Which is fine, Eve has her standards and all, but it’s rough when you and another person seem pretty perfect for each other and they pick out one or two things and end the relationship over it.

      In other news, my life is officially so boring that I’m gossiping online about the relationships of fictional characters.

      1. Hey, life is life. 'Shipping is a part of it.
        In other news- That last panel, god. makes me reminisce. beautiful as always. thank you miss gran!

  18. …I miss you too.

  19. *pulls out megaphone* I BET EVE MISSES YOU TOO, WILL.

  20. COLOUR PAGES. 0_0 They look amazing. Good luck with the campaign!

  21. The untold subtext of this conversation is EVE VS. COCONUT

    great page. great 😀

    The hanna & will thing is totally about friend support right now, i think.

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