#686 + 687 – human and manageable

Thanks to those who've pledged so far to the Patreon campaign to make OCTOPUS PIE IN COLOR! If you haven't, here is the info: I'm forming plans to do Octopus Pie in FULL COLOR in the near future! The comic has been in black & white for 7 years, and I think it's time to try something new that will really enrich the comic. To be sure, I'll need your help for this. I would be employing a colorist, so I've made this a priority as the next goal of my Patreon Campaign. If we hit $2400 in pledges a month, it'll be enough to keep me eating and happy, AND working with a great colorist to produce 10 full color pages. If you love the comic but haven't pledged, this is a great opportunity to do something that directly affects the art. It doesn't need to be much - even a buck or two per month will help towards the goal! Pledges over $2 will also give you access to the sketches and vintage OP art I post to Patreon. If the promise of color hasn't sweetened the deal enough, colorist Sloane Leong has done three sample pages of recent strips! You can look at them here. Also be sure to check out Sloane's excellent cartooning and illustration work. YEAH!

41 thoughts on “#686 + 687 – human and manageable

  1. "Let's cut some shit up!"

  2. Nervous Will in panel 5 is so awkward and adorable.

  3. Eve.

    Eve no.

    We were so close.

    What have you DONE.


      This is only going to end awesome.

      1. Betting that the coconut is a metaphor for the tension between them
        She's about to forgo all the picking and bonking she's been doing and whack that sucker open

  4. Now Eve just manages her human anxieties with the occasional killing spree.

    1. As we all should ^^

  5. I like seeing Eve & Will have fun; I'm glad she broke the encroaching tension with a machete.

    1. out of context that sounds amazing

    2. She cut that tension with a knife bahaha

  6. Those things ruin parties. Just ask Ray Smuckles.

  7. Eve get away from that machete D:

  8. "Why're you so seeeerious??"

  9. Oh cmon Eve, Will as going to say something!


  10. Now she can eat that coconut! 😀

  11. Not gonna lie, I was hoping to see this guy when she said that… http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/machete-da

    1. can't see the link but I am fairly certain I was on the exact same wavelength.

  12. Holy shit those strips in colour look amazing!

    Also, someone mentioned in the comments recently that blog posts etc. are getting chopped off at the side? It's happening to me too. I'm using Chrome.

    1. its weird but you have to go to the comment bar and space over until the whole box (and thus the) full comments appear. still don't know why. I'm in firefox.

    2. Not just you; not just Chrome. (Firefox here.)

      1. I'm using Safari and it's doing the same thing!

      2. firefox here too


    1. I *love* the FUKKEN SHIT dog.

  14. And the coconut will open and reveal…

  15. *Danny Trejo glares silently at Eve for a second, considers pointing out that he was in other movies as well y'know but thinks better of it and goes back to ripping open coconuts with his bare hands*

    1. Has he played anything other than "scary Mexican, usually a convict"?

      1. ^straight off of imbd. lol or just about. Gotta love Trejo tho.

  16. OOh open the Nut!

  17. I want to retweet/fave panel 7 in its entirety. very compelling observation

  18. Is Machete the name of the dog in the last panel?

    1. …the knife on the table

    2. No. But it should be!

  19. Oh sweet lovely Cheezus I love Eve. I feel like I would do this in any tense situation. It's like, I am not avoiding the conversation topic but stop being awkward we aren't going to do this.


    this will all end well. messily, maybe, but well.

  21. Wouldn't it be awesome if this is not a one-off joke, but instead the beginning of a period in Eve's life where she is obsessed with her machete and carries it around with her at all times?

  22. I just finished reading the archive. Where is the arrow? I need more! hrrrrngghh

  23. oh no Eve, you were supposed to take Will home to open that coconut, or let him take you to his place, of goddamn someones place so stuff could happen!
    and now you're going straight to the hospital. dang it eveeeee

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