#684 – let’s go

JULY!! JULY!! Did you know I'll be at San Diego Comic Con in a couple of weeks? It's a small indie show that I'm trying out this year. Maybe you will be there too? I'll post more info about my whereabouts soon.

26 thoughts on “#684 – let’s go

  1. Haha the almost-invisible park garbage, fantastic


  3. Can I give you an award for drawing Eve's gorgeous, windblown hair?

  4. I don't know if Eve is being utterly Zen right now or if her current behavior is all because she has some weird alien sleeping virus

    1. She seeks only bread ^^

  5. Eve has magical pocahontas hair that does not go all over your face and look horrible in the wind.

  6. I keep seeing panel 4 as Eve's feet becoming sentient and making comments.

    1. …and now I see it too O_o And I can't unsee it.

      1. damn. those feet r talking.

  7. I wonder if that phantom seastar is a callback to Eve's dream? I can't fully piece together the significance, however.

    1. The seastar looks worried.

    2. Probably not more significant than Eve is just remembering the dream, since the environment she's now in is reminding her of it.

  8. Close your eyes and fall asleep and that tin can will be a starfish forever, Eve/

  9. mentally glazing over the garbage and litter is pretty brooklyn i will admit

  10. That first panel… wooooooooooooooooow

    1. I know right?!?

  11. Man. These two are so fun together! I wish that Will would quit his job, and go and
    work in Eve's store. Or that he'd find a legal job to start up.

    1. Have we gotten any followup on Will getting into baking with Hannah again? I was hoping to see where that would lead.

      1. Cool. thanks for reminding me of that thread. I just hope, that if Hanna + Will do a bakery biz, that Hanna's drug use won't get them imprisoned by the DEA, + that their store won't get shut down by the DEA. *TRA frets* Hee hee.

  12. That little beach in Dumbo is one of my favorite spots. Totally worth biking over cobblestone and around obnoxious yuppies to get to it.

  13. There's PARK stuff all along the piers.

  14. If we're seeing Eve the way that Will sees her… Will's in trouble.



    Years later and I'm only getting the joke now

  16. Wow, does Eve look like a 1950s movie star lying on the beach in that outfit or what? ?

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