#683 – wanna sit

Happy July 4th, Americans! And happy belated Canada Day, Canadians! That's it, I'm outta holidays.

34 thoughts on “#683 – wanna sit

  1. You certainly are! *clicks tongue*

  2. noooo I'm caught up

    1. I'm not yet, but I'm already feeling that angst. Only 131 weeks left!

  3. Standing on the subway while facing a sitting person. The Most Awkward Olympic sport.

    1. You just pray the car doesn't get overcrowded to the point that you feel your crotch is in someone's face or vice versa.

      1. And then everyone looks at you like it is your fault.

  4. squee? Squee.

  5. they're totally remembering their first make-out, aren't they

  6. hugging the coconut. <3

    Love the realism in these comics!

  7. They’re both being so careful. *trophy emoji*

  8. Urban romance romancing its way through the mundane, just barely and so throughtly.

  9. Can Eve even reach those hanging handles?

  10. More awkward! Cute or forced…?

  11. That dude next to Eve, he's one of those guys that takes up way too much space on the train/subway.

    1. Move the f*** over, bro!

  12. Everytime I see these two together, my heart gets a little warmer.

    I want to hug someone.

  13. It's so easy to be envious of those couples on the subway until you find yourself in one of those couples, pressed awkwardly against one another, worried how you look together, wondering if your lack of subway chemistry will be your ruin.

  14. Spread Legs Dude next to Eve is so spot on! And the children staring at ipads

  15. God, that looks familiar. My husband and me on the CTA Red Line, heading up from Hyde Park to a grad school friends’ cookout on the North Side. Except everyone was wearing Walkmans then. Interactive wireless tablets and phones? What an overhyped, overpriced scam. It’d never work. 😉

  16. I mean this as a compliment, but… Oh GADZ!…Those eyes! Those big old LOVEABLE EYES.
    If Eve keeps getting more and more adorable, I'm going explode! 🙂

  17. Sweet. This is exactly me almost every other day on the J coming into the city. I love how NYC-centric your comic is, but still relatable no matter which city you're in.

  18. I am definitely NOT looking at your junk. Nooooope.

  19. I wonder if even Meredith knows what these characters are going to do next : )

  20. (Screaming internally)

  21. i like how that wide-eyed guy by Will's elbow is making the same exact face, ludicrously, in panels 2 & 3.

  22. isn't she holding a baby??

  23. i can feel the heartbreak coming on and it is terrible

  24. Take as much time as you need on this arc, Meredith.

    I don't know exactly what it is, but I swear, your whole comic could just be about them hanging out like this every day, and I would never get tired of it.

  25. This is where a drunk third wheel can work really well. When you don't know what to say, they certainly will.

  26. This is surely the start of an awkward date.

  27. Commodore Biggles

    It could be …much worse: http://tinyurl.com/mcw666u

  28. Aw Eve's been working all day and she still offers Will her seat *sobs endlessly*

  29. No, Eve, the only thing more awkward would be Will sitting while you stand or –perish the thought– sit on his lap.

    Just don't let the coconut get away from you; this is not an episode of Scooby Doo.

  30. The expressions and words are so… real and indicative of actual awkwardness. You're always so good at getting the perfect feeling across.

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