#682 – it’s a coconut

Goodbye June! Hi July! This month is gonna be bananas! Hot bananas.

44 thoughts on “#682 – it’s a coconut

  1. "This isn't going like I practiced in front of the mirror D: D:"

  2. eve and will are the coconut!

    this arc currently makes me super happy but i know that probably is not going to last, haha.

  3. This whole arc feels like such a weird fever dream, haha. Is this real? Is this haPpeNinG??

    … this is a work, right? :I

    1. Suddenly Will wakes up in his apartment, sweat on his brow. He rolls over and realizes it's 3:21am. "It was all just a dream…" he utters groggily before falling back into a deep slumber.

      Camera slowly pans to the nightstand, where a lone coconut sits.

      This tired trope brought to you by CopOut. CopOut: When your talent runs out!

    2. Oh it's happenNING alright.

      1. You caught the joke before me :'(

  4. Will and I seem to share a bond of gift-selection expertise…

  5. “We’ll have to do it later.”

    1. They're totally gonna do it later.

    2. And then Will's face. HAHHHH

  6. Aw Will
    A coconut beats flowers any day!

  7. I love how awkward Will is!

  8. "OhShitOhShitOhShit where is this going"

    -Thought both Will and myself.

  9. Eve's hairdo/costume rocks my socks off. Man. Girls get all the awesome outfits.

    Also once I tried opening a coconut with a plastic fork and some friends. There's like all these fucking layers in it. I didn't know anything about coconuts when I got it, also I was in high school. It took like forever. Multiple plastic forks, also. But when we finally got to the spherical magical incredibly tough center and smashed it against a wall to open it, I was like. Fuck yeah. Wrecked that goddamn coconut. Then we ate it.

    This the joy I hope happens to Eve and Will.

    1. Yeah man, men's clothing is so fucking boring.
      pants and collared shirt
      pants and collared shirt
      collared shirt and pants!

  10. Ahahahaha Will's nervous sweat.. MEREDITh GRAN PLEASE.. I really can't.. even imagine this.. being real.. is this real life… pl..s….

  11. Man, I don't really *like* coconut. I guess it is one of those things that you like or you don't like, unlike everything else in life, which is objectively good or bad.

  12. It's really, really, reeeeeally weird to see Will acting like… well, like me. 😐

  13. i feel bad for both of them. this is horrible.

    eve is stuck. both professionally and emotionally she is scouting for something abstract, just anything different. she wants a new life but she haven't thought out what that life is at all. and i seriously doubt she thought out calling will again, which is cruel.

    will is very slowly transitioning. trying to make a change in his life that's long overdue. he is so nervous around eve because he is not at peace with himself, and two squares in he is already lying to her. he is trying to present himself as the person he wants to be, but is not there yet.
    the last thing those two need right now is each other. eve needs to figure out what she wants from herself before she dives into anything serious with anyone.
    will needs to become comfortable in his own skin again before he can handle a relationship that is more demanding than what he has with aimee (which he barely manages atm)

    1. Oh no. I think you're right. :-[

  14. … Must be one of those green coconuts they’ve been selling in more recent times. Ripe/ brown coconuts would easily be broken by tying that bag up, and swinging it overhand onto the cement. (This is how my family used to eat coconut. XD) Although of course, you’d need to drain the water first.

    1. nooo, the water is one of the best parts!

      1. I'm sure Zee knows that & meant "drain the water into a container for later consumption."

    2. They're the same, just at different stages of maturation

  15. You can smack the back of a big knife or a machete all the way round the equator of a coconut. It cracks it open into two halves, both filled with juice, and with not much effort! I saw an old lady do this, and later I tried it with much success.

    1. Cool! I'll just dig my machete out of that ol' closet…

  16. He's coconuts if he thinks thats a good gift.

    1. You shut your mouth, young coconuts are god damn amazing.

    2. He's coo-coo for coconuts, AKA "loco in the coco."

  17. "We'll have to do it later" means "We'll have to do it afterwards."

  18. Oh man, that’s beautiful.

    You don’t know satisfaction until you’ve had a fresh, water-filled coconut on a tropical day.

    However, buying it previously removes most of the idea of it being watery anymore.

    Man, I’m gonna miss the coconuts when I leave Asia…

  19. So Eve is looking hella cute.

    also, love the angry face @ work.

    1. I feel the same way while at work!

  20. aw man they're totally doing the dating

  21. Eve does feel a lot less angry now, as a character. It's interesting how she mellowed out so much.

  22. The awwwwwwkwwwarrrrrrd… it burrrrns.

  23. It might just be me but their whole conversation feels like they're forcing it.
    I think they both want the whole "having a good relationship with each other" thing, but I feel like they're trying to push it into being when it needs to be natural. Or it's just awkward reunion hangout talk. I'm not quite sure.

    1. It's very that. This is the frustrating thing about planning conversations in your head beforehand; the more you try to be natural the more it all comes out as awkward. It's the worst!

    2. Isnt that standard on a date? By my experience anyway 🙂

  24. What does that mean! That boy needs therapy.

  25. Sometimes a coconut is just a coconut.

  26. God i want this to work so bad. But it seems like WIll might be nervous more because he wants to talk about things, not because he's intending to continue lying to her.

    They are both…*trying*. I don't think they know for what. I don't think it is necessarily going to be as bad as some people have predicted–although it totally could be, worst case scenario–but it's definitely weird. i hope they can find the way to make this into a good moment, though.

    i have all the butterflies. like guys don'tfuckthisup don'tfuckthisup don'tfuckthisup….

  27. Wowzers. I was all set for this to be a "maybe Will wants to get back together with Eve" arc.

    But this took it to 11.

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