#680-681 – i believe in you

Boop beep. One more comic page for June! You know what rhymes with June? SOON.

64 thoughts on “#680-681 – i believe in you

  1. It's finally happening!!! Eve + Will. AHHH oh no what heartaches are we in for??

  2. Oh Shit Olly


  4. noooooo don't toy with my ships in this waayyyyyy

  5. Olly is so sweet and kind and full of light…. Is he sick?

    1. He BELIEVES in NING? Don't you BELIEVE in NING, Brandon???

  6. Suicide watch for Olly. He's being…nice?

  7. That last game is gorgeous. Bravo!

  8. Is Ollie having a mid life crisis or something? Maybe the store is finally going to close.

    Also Eve, is that a date dress? It kinda looks like a date dress…

  9. So, is Olly

    A) Drunk at work,
    B) Selling the store to pay back taxes,
    C) About to fake his death to escape back taxes, or
    D) He really really believes in Eve and hopes she has a good life.

    D is always the one where you put the really implausible answers, right?

    1. I've never really been sure Olly isn't ALWAYS drunk at work.

  10. Eve isn't pregnant, is she?

    1. I think she's literally just stocking shelves and is peeved that some customer decided to rip one diaper out of a pack.


      1. Meredith did make the choice to draw an opened pack of diapers and not some other adulterated item, though. Maybe it's a general nod to people's inability to deal with the realities of growing up?

  11. I want Park to come back and start a love triangle. Long live Evark!


  12. Meredith

    you're killing it

    thank you

  13. What's will got in the bowling bag?

  14. Diapers! Diapers! Diapers!

    1. 10% off! WOW!
      (I bet somebody else already said that & I just can't see their comment)

  15. I hope that Olly is half-joking. It's either that he's lost his mind! Hee hee! 🙂

  16. Last panel. I don't care about anything else, not even about Olly's weird behavior. Just las panel.

  17. This feels like one of those setups, where the next page could be just Eve and Will walking down the street together, and the comic would just end right there.
    I can't unthink, and I am terrified.

    1. Oh..my goodness. That makes a lot of sense. Oh no.

    2. Why would you even say that!

    3. Damn! Why'd you have to go and say that?? Now I can't unthink it either!!!

  18. That last panel: picture perfect.

    Or it would be if we weren't aware of all the cracks in the backgrounds. Lets hope the jagged edges of these forlorn characters find a way to fit together.

  19. Meredith, such beautiful still moments, beautiful compositions and pacing, writing, everything. What a magnificent build up. This feels like such a special moment that we've finally reached as an audience, who is even luckier to get witness it. You're a goddamn genius.

    Now excuse me while I put away these onions.

  20. what if will just stood at the window eve noticed him
    or eve noticed him right away :0!!!

  21. Eve's faces! <3


  23. Currently diggin’ alladis. Yes, Will! Yes, Eve!

  24. Hope Will won't cheat on Esmee, still.

  25. oh Dear, Ollie is going through something right now. I wonder what got him into that state :I

  26. pretty sure i’m going to be olly someday, except behind a jeweler’s bench instead of a grocery counter.

    1. Sounds like a neat trade. What's that business like these days? It seems like there are bigbox versions of jewelry stores now?

  27. Olly has suddenly become Steven Universe. I like this turn of events.

  28. So it's like our mirror neurons are all falling in love and that's why alla y'all in hysterics throwin' faintin' fits a' losin' each other's breaths?

    Yeah, I remember them feels – sigh.
    *Looks intensely into the horizon of a windowless apartment*.

  29. I like those "rebecca sugar" eyes Olly does there.

  30. Panel 2: Haw, haw, the dealer sees the deal of the week.

  31. oh my gosh, the artistic development from the first arch of this comic is fucking extraordinary.

  32. I read it as Olly assuming Eve was "taking off" for good and kind of experienced a tiny life crisis at the prospect. 😛

    1. Can't blame him for thinking that; Jacob recently quit, and (if I recall right) Olly no longer has Julie to kick around either. If he were to lose Eve too, he'd probably snap.

    2. I'm pretty sure Eve told Olly a little of why she is taking off early from work, the "why" being what she is about to tell Will. Love. Confession. Whatever it may be, it resonated with Olly, which is why he's all worked up. Basically the opposite of what happened here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-02-06/255-aww-hell

  33. Eve is adorable in that last panel.

    1. Eve is adorable in every panel. She is the picture of adorableness.

  34. But Olly, the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And Eve has burned so very, very brightly…

    1. No, she hasn't -she's mostly been watching the game from the sidelines. I'd love to see Eve glow, and it'd be really, really nice of Meredith to finally let us see that; but I wouldn't bet on it happening.

      1. You are absolutely correct. But. You know. Blade Runner.

        1. *Nods* Blade freakin' Runner.

  35. …wait, "SOON?" What's soon?! AAAAUGH


  37. haha Olly cracks me up here!

  38. Good, finally out of the dark and depressing stuff, for the moment at least.

  39. My heart is going to explode bunnies and rainbows.

  40. Oh its real! Eve and Will are real they're getting together its real. Oh my god its real life. Its real!

  41. I love that someone has literally just helped themselves to the 10% of free diapers out of the pack Eve is holding.

  42. Looks like someone took "10% off" too literally…

  43. Diapers! Diapers! Diapers! 10% off! Wow!

  44. Oh, Olly…

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