#255 – aww hell

February 6th, 2009

#255 – aww hell

Ooog tiired NYCC tomorrow sleeeeep.


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  1. Lorna says:


  2. Mcnajee says:


  3. Jessica White says:

    Ha! I wish I could draw Mr. Stark in the last panel. Like a rabid walrus.

  4. daken says:

    why am i think of dr egg man…odd

    • Radius says:

      I seriously thought about jumping on Dr. Eggman's giant wood-cutting machine in the SEGA Nemesis version. First boss of the game. That was all I could think about when I saw him yelling.

  5. Isabelle says:

    I pronounce that your best face ever. He's even better than hanna's puppy eyes… Yeah, I need a t-shirt of Mr. Stark.

  6. JayZeroSnake says:

    Never trust men named: Mr.Stark

  7. Kuribo says:

    Love how his well-meaning smirk turns to a face full of rabid awesome. In a single panel.

  8. Dell says:

    Just parusing through strips again, and wanted to point out how oddly similar this is to Five Year Engagement, where she slips up then visits her dude that works at a restaurant. The only thing different is that they're not engaged and Park's not a chef, the rest is identical. Wonder if either Nicholas Stoller or Jason Segel are OP fans. 😛

  9. I was rolling on the floor laughing after reading this comic. Is there any place from where I can download all the episodes of the series? The comics are well written and illustrated and mainly points to the current world.