#255 – aww hell

Ooog tiired NYCC tomorrow sleeeeep.

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  3. Ha! I wish I could draw Mr. Stark in the last panel. Like a rabid walrus.

    1. if someone modified that picture of mr.stark and park, you could get adam and jamie from myth busters.

        1. Oh my, I think I love you lol

        2. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

          Dammit! I’m a decade too late! The image id goooone!

  4. why am i think of dr egg man…odd

    1. I seriously thought about jumping on Dr. Eggman's giant wood-cutting machine in the SEGA Nemesis version. First boss of the game. That was all I could think about when I saw him yelling.

  5. I pronounce that your best face ever. He's even better than hanna's puppy eyes… Yeah, I need a t-shirt of Mr. Stark.

  6. Never trust men named: Mr.Stark

  7. Love how his well-meaning smirk turns to a face full of rabid awesome. In a single panel.

  8. Just parusing through strips again, and wanted to point out how oddly similar this is to Five Year Engagement, where she slips up then visits her dude that works at a restaurant. The only thing different is that they're not engaged and Park's not a chef, the rest is identical. Wonder if either Nicholas Stoller or Jason Segel are OP fans. 😛

  9. I was rolling on the floor laughing after reading this comic. Is there any place from where I can download all the episodes of the series? The comics are well written and illustrated and mainly points to the current world.

  10. My god lmao, that face in the last panel is incredible

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