#444 – you’re so cool

If you're in or around NYC this weekend, there is a Rally for Women's Health in support of Planned Parenthood, which is in serious danger of losing federal funding. Planned Parenthood provides crucial aid for women and their reproductive health in America. I will be there, and I recommend you come out too if you can! All the info is right here on Facebook, or on the rally's RSVP website.

35 thoughts on “#444 – you’re so cool

  1. Oh man…you're so cool. Makes me think of the end of True Romance. 🙂
    And this arc is wonderful, you always surprise me with where you go with the storyline, Mere. And I love that. I love this. If you ever self-publish, I will buy your book, for reals.

    1. I've self-published a few times, and will be doing so again this spring!

      1. Is that maybe a kind-of, sort-of hint as to when we can expect a new collection?

      2. Hooray! I'll actually have some money by then!! So, great timing 🙂

  2. As an uncool person who some people think is cool (for whatever reason) I find it strange when actually-cool people think they are not cool. Craziness abounds!

    1. As I see it, the whole cool spectrum breaks down into three rough groups:

      1. You think you are cool: By definition, if you think it, you are not.
      2. You think you are uncool: And you are wrong. That's okay, it's cool.
      3. You think you are uncool: And you are correct.

      Problem is coolness is an externally subjective experience. So you absolutely cannot determine if you are cool or not yourself. However, there are those of us who through years of observing other's reactions, can determine they are the utter antithesis of cool.

      1. Well said.

  3. Oh God, Eve is going to have one hell of a time getting over all the stupid stuff she did once she sobers up.

  4. Eve's such a champ. Time to drink up.

  5. Hahaha, the look on Jacks face says that this friendship train is quickly derailing.

    1. Or he could just be staying in "Lumberjack" character, and trying hard not to burst out laughing.

    2. That's definitely a Theatrical Lumberjack Grimace. He couldn't be more smitten.

  6. Staking oneself in the name of syrup is totally badass.

  7. Your ladies are way too pretty.

    It took me way too long to figure out how her name was in that machine. My name is kinda in THE BLUES BROTHERS movie. If you watch the credits, at one point there's these two lines of names going along side by side.

    On the same row, one like "Linda Brady" and the other is like "Karen Russell", so if you put there two last names you get my name.
    Plus my full initials of BDR on the Blues Mobile.

    so I think you put both together, it's like I'm in the credits.
    Or it's a message from God (which is a reference to the movie).

    1. The BDR are the Black Diamond Riders, a biker gang in the sixties from Toronto whence Dan Ackroyd grew up.

  8. Oh Julie you are so guileless and cute :3

    1. "When I'm bored I make soup" + that face == AWESOME JULIE! <3

  9. I think this storyline is excellent for giving Julie and Jacob a story outside of Olly's. It's great to see Julie do something other than pine after Jacob for once, get a better feel for the other aspects of her personality. Similar thing with Jacob.

    Basically, comics that let their secondary characters be real people too are awesome.

  10. I think I have actually seen something similar to this photo cut out that eve is standing in at a ski resort. Although I don’t think it was a tree that’s been tapped pouring maple syrup.

  11. I think I am actually rather chilly.

  12. Is that tree… committing seppuku?

    1. Sappuku.

  13. What Julie says in panel three is basically what I do all the time with my friends. Smoking is awful… but that's okay… but you are so cool… but gross… augh

  14. Oh man, the last link in a perfect love triangle is formed!

    1. obviously we're talking jacob -> jane <->julie, right?

      1. Jacob —> Jane —> Julie—i

  15. this jack fellow; he's a cutie,
    but not as cute as eve! or julie.
    (a short poem in honor of this adorableness)

  16. What sort of parent takes their child to a vacuum factory??

  17. That last panel is the cutest thing ever (:

  18. I love Julie!!
    Also Jane's face in the last panel, so cute!

  19. I realize the significance of the number 616

  20. I SHIP THEM!!

  21. "Is the bar that low?" *Looks at Jacob* Jane, honey, you don't even know…

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