#445 – the keystone

Have you guys listened to my favorite radio show, The Best Show? It's a fantastic 3-hour music/comedy show hosted by Tom Scharpling that airs every Tuesday night on WFMU at 9 PM EST. It's full of hilarious calls and oddball antagonistic guests.

Tonight (3/1) is their yearly fundraiser to keep the station independent and full of great programming. I suggest you tune in, as it's always fantastic - and the humor builds on itself wonderfully with every show. There's nothing like it on the air today. Check out the show archive or the abridged Best Show Gems podcast if you don't believe me. But I ain't lyin'!

18 thoughts on “#445 – the keystone

  1. …the guild sound's kinds sad.

  2. Man. I'm a Community Organizer and just general political gadabout. This sensation is a constant one for me. I'm like: man, I've met this person. Because it's my whole job to meet people in endless, largely meaningless, platitude ridden interactions grounded in some sort of generally kinda good thing.

    I meet so many… how can you remember? But I don't even get to be famous. It's so flummoxing.


    1. Have you been paying attention? Eve is/was in some ristretto guild or something and doesn't want them to know. This is hinting that they recognize her from it in the past.

  4. Hey i'm the first commenter? cool
    Hmm i'm looking forward to some backstory (and more info on the guild)
    love that game

  5. Is.. is Jonathan wearing /two/ pairs of sunglasses!? 😀

  6. I wonder if his sunglasses wear sunglasses at night.

  7. oh god, I need to get two pairs of sunglasses now

  8. The glasses removal in panel 5 is brilliant, I was laughing for quite some time 😀

  9. “Like realizing your dentist is actually a taxidermist.” Thank you so much for that simile.

  10. Hrm. Maybe Eve put this keystone in harms way?

    Also, speaking of keeping radio stations independent, there's a radio station in Houston that needs help. KTRU, Rice University's student-run radio station, is planning on being sold to the University of Houston. U of H would turn KTRU into a 24/7 classical music station. I'm sorry for pseudo-spamming, but it's a really important issue for college students down here.

  11. Mary Jo has quite the knack for connecting dots. Too bad the lines don't actually form any pictures.

  12. Aves Project Ideas

    'Make every moment count!'
    …"In a minute"
    So good.

  13. A true hipster never lets taking off his sunglasses in mock suspense keep him from wearing sunglasses.

  14. I still can't stop snickering over that glasses gag.

  15. The most awkward thing about that sunglasses gag…is that I've pulled it :[

  16. Oh goodness.
    He heard he likes shades, so he put shades on his shades so he can shade his eyes while he shades his eyes.

  17. OKay.. I wasn't the only one who realized that Jonathan had sunglasses under his sunglasses. Uberhipstermench!

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