#443 – spotting

Eek! More snow? I didn't ask for this. Comments are back because so many people asked nicely. I'm trying out a different system with comment-voting and such, but the old comments will be preserved as well. Please be cool and polite!

61 thoughts on “#443 – spotting

  1. Hey, comments exist! Let's try it again.

  2. In the entire history of the strip, the last panel is probably the happiest I've seen Eve.

    1. My thoughts exatly. 🙂

    2. and it is sooo cute

    3. It's really wonderful, isn't it?

  3. *ehem* As is the custom. First.

  4. Posting a comment about the comments about comments aboutgughghahgh

    (seriously this format seems to be better than before. Good job)

  5. Is it strange going from drawing tons of city scape to doing Mountains and hills?

    1. Not too strange. I can be a little more lax about perspective with non-building stuff, but the layouts end up being the same kind of challenge.

  6. has Eve been getting into Hanna's "goods"? or is she super drunk?

    1. pretty sure she`s drunk. Notice her cheeks since she struck that deal with Jacob and came through for him (sorta).

      PS: Meredith, I didn`t get to ask you to be my valentine because of the closed comments! That can either be regarded as unfortunate timing or a tactful move on your part.

      1. I don't think she's drunk. This is the next morning. I think she's just cold!

        1. yeah, I think she's just finally relaxed being away from all her friend drama.

    2. wait, sorry, scratch that last comment of mine, I think in panel two that eve is totally pouring something out of a flask into her coffee.

      1. Oops! Yup. I think you're right!

  7. Even if it's just for this page, it's cool to see Eve happy. <3

    Also, Jack of Beards is my new favorite character.

    1. She's not genuinely happy though, she's drunk happy! After the inebriation wars off she will be unhappy, and also hungover which tents do make people less happy too.

  8. Your line work has really softened up. It looks great. 🙂

  9. I hope the poor lass doesn't end up violated by that bearded dragon.

  10. Aww! Happy Eve reminds me that the world ain't always so bad.



    1. Eeeyep. Also, her mom's name is Dawn and her brother's name is Rushmore (Mor for short).

      1. Mind = blown. I thought I had it all figured out when I realized Eve's name-pun.

    2. Aves Project Ideas

      AND Eve is short for Everest.
      Her brother and her are both mountains and they are "More Ning" and "Eve Ning"; there are layers to these names, man, CRAZY LAYERS.

  12. Dude. Beardyguy is kind of adorable. I hope he sticks around.
    … I dunno if his facial hair could ever be allowed in the same room as Marek's without instigating some kind of follicopocalypse, though. This causes problems.

    1. follicopocalypse is my new favourite word.

  13. Scaling or something makes the strip blurry on the main page but crystal clear right here. I'm using SRWare Iron if that is important at all.

  14. Well, so far, "Ugly" Jack seems sweet. When does he get ugly?

    Beautiful story-telling here.

    1. When he shaves his beard 😉

    2. Maybe it's one of those opposite nicknames deals, like calling a fat guy "Slim," or a tall guy "Shorty."

  15. Wow, ever since Eve started drinking, the transitions are non-existent, there's no clear transition of events between strips and Jane juggled her drink on the strip before this!

    I am totally enjoying this perspective of things. B)

  16. I've been wondering why Eve's cheeks have been dran with the ellipses on them as of late. Are they pink because she's cold?
    Also: Sunrise+Coffee+Whiskey= Best start to a day ever.

    1. I believe her cheeks are flushed because she's been hitting the sauce pretty hard.

      1. whoops. didn't think of that

    2. I think they're pink with drink.

      1. Or perhaps she's wearing zinc.

    3. Let's not forget that she's asian. Pink = drink

  17. i have just now FINALLY for the first time caught up on this comic. NOW when i see you at a con I won’t be too bashful to say hi because i am afraid you will stare into my soul and see that i have not read the latest story arc. THIS TIME

  18. Jackof Beards seems cool but I will always miss Park.

  19. Aww, I like beardguy. He's a sweetie.

  20. Eve's face in Panel is too cute.

  21. please let her stay this happy for a while… I'm tired of complacent/mildly depressed feelings!

    1. I actually enjoy all of Eve's ups and downs. I f you compare her to the Eve she was when she firs met Hanna, she's grown a lot. I feel like she's got a lot of depth.

  22. I'm really diggin' the comic lately. I always do, but this current arc is really nice so far.

  23. I would put fluffy snow mountain in my pocket if I could too.. I love this comic it makes me so happy O_O

  24. Happy Eve makes me Happy. Also, Eve's mood strangely matches mine this morning. All is right with the world.

  25. Also, thank you, Meredith, for bringing the comments back!

  26. <3 Eve is just precious when she lets loose.

  27. I want Jack to be in this comic FOREVER. He and Eve make such good buddies!

  28. Awww Eve looks so happy and content lying down in the snow. Also I like this Jack guy. He seems like an upstanding fellow.

  29. But, but, but, she’s got such great balance when she’s on ice skates!

  30. I got a bad feeling about this. :I

  31. Is Jack of Beards Justin Vernon? I really think he's Justin Vernon. http://lifemadefiction.files.wordpress.com/2010/0

  32. Noooo Eve don't go to sleep in the cold nooooooooo

    Yay, I missed comments. 0u0

  33. drunk Eve is kinda adorable.

  34. No complaining about the snow! We only get snow like this in Oregon once a year! You're making it MELT!

  35. There's something wonderfully genuinely pleasant about all of this. There's nought finer then getting hammered on a good vibe.

  36. I've never really understood why people tend to compare Meredith Gran to Bryan Lee O'Malley (in my opinion, they're both brilliant and very different cartoonists), but panel 5 does have a bit of a Scott Pilgrim energy to it.

  37. this is by far my most favourite strip you have done.
    saved it and everythiiiing

  38. Eve is still totally drunk, lol. Drunk snowboarding! It looks like she just wants to fall asleep right there in the snow in that last panel.

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