#392 – placebros

So begins a new story! Involving some bros. Hope you like it!

30 thoughts on “#392 – placebros

  1. hahahaha oh jeez, Placebros is my new favorite pharmaceutical term.

    also: the monkey costume in the last pannel gave me Dragon Ball flashbacks.

    oh geez the Placebros are SO FUZZY. I CAN'T GET OVER IT. <3

    1. I will now never unsee and also demand that he burps laser beams

    2. the dude in the monkey suit I mean.

      1. Cut off his tail! Cut off his tail!!!

  2. Placebros ? You're a genius.

    Also… Oh yes, monkey costume, now I see it. For a moment I thought the medications had turned him into a werewolf…

  3. I didn't even realize the pun until I saw the comments… seriously though, that's a great word!

  4. I want a placibros tee now. Two guys, "Which is my bro, and which is the placibro?"

    1. Oh… I get it now…

      I was reading it as place-bros, long a, silent e – bros of the place. Damn, too early on a holiday morning to get puns…

      But I love Dieless Pharmaceuticals! And yeah, a Dieless Pharmaceutical bro / placebro shirt would be really cool!

      1. I want to borrow your Dieless Pharmaceutical shirt and leave weird stains in it so I'll never have to give it back!

  5. Will is sporting a pretty hardcore Eminem look in the 3rd panel.

    1. That was my exact thought. I thought I was crazy but nope, he is marshall mathers there

  6. Is he leaving Hanna at college in the first panel? Is that what that is? I didn't think they met till he started dealing.

    1. Who said he wasn't dealing in college?

      1. You're right, but he doesn't look like he's got that drug dealer bravado yet. He looks like a lonely confused kid.

        1. A lot of high school and college-aged drug dealers are lonely and confused kids.

  7. Placebros…. greatness.

  8. I spend a substantial amount of free time trying to incorporate "bro" into words and phrases (Jesus, Mary, and Brosef, e.g.), but placebros is pretty genius.

  9. any work for some pence, bra, even stevedoring for gentlemen in the early 1900's… it's all about the nickles.

  10. Why do people think this is Will? A clean-shaven Will? There is no such thing.

    1. Maybe this was before a Dieless Pharmaceutical experiment gone horribly awry mutated him into The Hellacious Hirsutus.

      1. That's my guess. But this, I think, is a younger Will. look at the eyebrows.

    2. heh, well Will seemed to imply in 385 that he's only recently had the beard :/

  11. I really wish I could figure out what's happening in the last panel.

    1. They're probably at that club mentioned in panel 5. Someone must be paying him to dance in that gorilla suit.

  12. I just LOVE your screen toning work Meredith! it's so nice to look at! When you don't notice that it's there, its been done right, and this one just blends so perfectly into the style.

    Don't stop being awesome!

  13. Is that Hanna in panel one? Wha?

  14. Dieless Pharmacuetical; with Dieless youll die less!

  15. I knew it was Will! Well, no… BUT I SUSPECTED IT.

  16. Oh cute!! I didn't realize until I checked the archives but Will DID mention he unloaded ship cargo as a job when Eve first met him. Nice callback!

  17. I have this weird feeling that Will and Hanna (if it is her in the first panels?) have more history together than we know of now. His angry look and emphasis on "done" and her sorry look… were they together in college perhaps?

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