#391 – octopus pie confessions

Have a great weekend! As much as I love doing these one-shots, it's time for a new story next week. See you then!

102 thoughts on “#391 – octopus pie confessions

  1. everyone's confessions are adorable, except for you second panel dude

    1. Sarah Palin was put on earth so liberals could have a fetish they could feel guilty about. Until she came around, Nazi uniforms were the only sufficiently transgressive fetish left.

      Well, that and using male pronouns to signify a generic third-person subject. But the porn is awful.

      1. I feel dirty whenever I see a Nazi uniform. So stylish! So… so evil too.

        1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

          They were designed by THE Hugo Boss, so it makes sense. His corporation probably spends buckets on PR to keep that revelation from hitting Twitter.

    2. Am I the only who realizes that that's Will?

      1. yes, you're the only one

        even though a comment literally directly above yours says the same thing 😐

  2. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    I love GaGa too. <3

    1. I think Gaga's music is actually quite good, but I think the singer is batshit insane. It makes me a little sad that musicians have to go to such ridiculous lengths to get famous when their music is of a higher quality in the first place.

      So yeah, like the music, don't like the person I guess. That's probably where the shame comes from.

      1. I agree. I like when pop stars do a certain amount of theatrics in their shows, but it seems like that kind of thing is Gaga's entire life. It makes it hard for me to feel any connection to her as a person.

  3. Aw, the Gaga love is charming.

  4. …I'm a little frightened that Olly's confession somehow involves a meat grinder.

    Everyone who works at the Organic's store is still accounted for, right?

  5. Will in panel #2?

    1. He has stubble even in darkness ….

  6. Oh Marek you sweety!

  7. I like GaGa unironically.

    I can't help it. Her music is catchy.

    It's easier to like her when you ignore her attention-seeking antics, though.

  8. Monsters! All of you!

    1. But some of them are only little monsters…

      1. And some of them are FAME Monsters! Ahahahaha!

        I know, obvious pun.

  9. I'm so glad I'm not alone in Gagaland. Thought I would have to quit trying to be a hipster while not admitting to being one.

  10. How can Eve live with herself? D:

  11. 2 (Ra) + 3 (Ah) + 2 (Roma) + Ma + 2 (Ga) + Ooh + 2 (La)

    Such an earworm of a chorus!

  12. Oh, the shame of Gaga. We should start a support group for that. "Ga Ga Anonoymous". Or "Ro-Mah-Manonymous". 😛

    1. "Ro-Mah-Manonymous"

      Oh my damn, you win so hard.

  13. I am highly shocked by these confessions (spare marek), but especially so by eve's mom's confession.


    1. Hahahahaha I didn't get that for a second, I thought she forgot her confession.

  14. Mrs. Ning, I love you so much.

  15. Dear God, I really hope the story never takes an arc turn for Marek and Hannah seperating.

    Those two are a shining beacon of hope when it comes to literary plot lines with couples.

    Also, shame on you Will.

    Shame on you.

  16. Shame? What shame?

  17. I know its part of his job, but having Ollie standing in front of a meat grinder, unable to choose just one of his crimes, is ominous.

  18. I feel no shame for grooving to Gaga if the radio machine plays her songs (on the rare occasions I listen to the radio). None. Unless other people are watching me from their cars in which case I throw the goat and start headbanging at those dudes.

    I also feel no shame for hoping that Palin runs for president and gets the Republican nod. Because that means an Obama landslide in 2012.

  19. No shame for Gaga, but dangit Mer now I've got it stuck in my heaaaaaad

  20. Oh Will, first a beard and now this!? You can no longer be my identification character. Unless you get with Eve. Then we're back on.

    1. Marek has always been my identification character. No problem here!

  21. Oh and "one time… I forgot" is awesome. America = drama queens.

    1. doesn't she mean, uh, like what america did to Japan? you know, the big nasty booms?

      1. guhhh I meant to say that that's not exactly drama queen material

  22. Everyone loves Lady Gaga. You can't *not*.

    1. I get tired of the weird media narrative that only allows one woman to be a star at any given time, though. When people only talk about GaGa I wanna interject, "but Kid Sister got the Coca-Cola shape with a onion in the back!"

    2. I HATE Lady Gaga. It's true.

      1. You can lie to yourself, but I KNOW THE TRUTH! :p

      2. Everyone loves Lady Gaga, even if it is a secret, forbidden love. Don't hide your feelings. (:

  23. I secrely like Gaga too. ;_;

  24. Gaga made me laugh – I too have a secret love recently realized of Lady Gaga.

  25. I, too, share panel 4's shame. That game was brilliant and awesome and goddamn impossible.

  26. I love Ollie's panel. The props are great, especially the grinder in the background 😀

  27. Meredith, the fact that you not only know of battletoads, but seem to appreciate the significance of said game to nerds everywhere, gives me all the more respect for you!

    lol great comic.

    1. I second this notion! Also, I have beaten battletoads for real.

  28. Aw, they shouldn't feel too bad about GaGa. Eventually she'll fade out of the limelight and then that part of their brains will grow back.

  29. Love it! A nod to Box Office Poison?

  30. I am so happy you started updating regularly again. You make my Mos, my Weds and my Fris so much better!

  31. I have a lesbian friend who admitted an attraction to Sarah Palin. I think the fantasy involved chains and whips, though.

  32. I completely love Gaga as shamelessly as I love Glee. I'm a complete snob about most things (movies, wine, beer, food) but pop music is my not so secret sin and shame.

  33. Oh the Sarah Palin thing..yikes. Can you imagine how much lipstick you would have to wash off?

  34. I must admit, I listen to lady gaga… =/

  35. Oh man, my love for Marek grows every time.

  36. I love that Eve's shame level appears roughly equivalent to what most people would feel upon realizing that they've murdered someone, and yet that didn't stop her from buying multiple framed photographs of Lady GaGa.

  37. Marek's answer sums up what I love about his and Hanna's dynamic in relation to the rest of the strip. Their perfect, idyllic relationship is the anchor for the very idea of ideal True Love amidst the stormy foreground of Eve's convoluted, complicated and simply crazy love-life. If anything were to render Hanna and Marek asunder, all bets would be off for anyone's lasting romantic happiness in the strip.

    So for the sake of holding the Octopus Pie universe intact, Hanna and Marek can never split. Heck, *I* might lose faith in the possibility of True Love if that were to happen.


    Also, I uh *cough* have to jump on the Gaga train here as well. D:

  39. Will, no amount of darkness will hide you. We all recognize your stubble. And we are all ashamed for you.

  40. I want a print of this so badly…

  41. I am so ashamed of you Puget Sean. For your penance, 3 days of swedish, finnish and german grindcore and death metal to purge the GaGa, followed by a 2-day grunge and punk-only musical binge to restore your music cred.

    Eve, you get a pass.

    Olly, what have you been putting in the sausages?

    Mrs. Ning, Nevar Forget, Nevar.

    Hanna, the Droid is an obviously superior phone, so why would you bother?

  42. I'm totally hot for Gaga AND Palin! Suck that down your smoothie straw GOP

  43. Lololololol. I look like a huge metalhead and even I get my groove on to Poker Face in the shower.

    Terrible though her politics are, it squicks me how Sarah Palin is obsessively reduced to whether or not one would tap that. :c

  44. At least nobody said Ke$ha.

  45. I can't find it now, but very early on there was a long article about Gaga where she said that she tried to have a career (right before or after NYU) as a normal-looking singer, then realized that wasn't working. She pretty much calculated her look to exactly what she thought the public would like. Evidently it worked!

  46. OK, Gaga-ites. If you haven't seen this, you need to.

    Lady Gaga acapella cover by some college boys

  47. I have never been anything but brutally honest about my love for Lady Gaga.

  48. My boyfriend makes fun of my love of Lady Gaga. He just doesn't understand!

  49. I just found your comics yesterday and read every single one. I love them!!!

  50. How cute is Marek!!

  51. I think a lot of us have succumbed to liking gaga.

    1. I'd rather eat my own arm.

      1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

        You must be made of candy.

        1. Maybe Crilauren is made of GaGa. * u *

      2. your comment made me laugh even more than the actual strip did.

        thank you.

      3. I would rather COOK my arm (while still wearing it) and THEN eat it than start liking her… bah

  52. Eve's mom cracks me up! She's so fun.

  53. Oh my gosh I love this so much

  54. unresistable urge to post link to this video

    1. Ugh, no thanks.

  55. Hahahaha! I like that most of their confessions was lady gaga

  56. Good news Indie music snobs, you can get your Lady Gaga complete with hipster xylophone accompaniment:

    1. OK, now *this* is a video worth posting. Thanks for sharing it!

  57. Nooo! Now I can't even escape Lady Gaga in webcomics!?

    Ohh well, it was a good joke. 🙂

  58. As a hipster snob, this comic hits me deep. Seriously funny.

  59. Marek doesn't quite get the "confession" concept, does he?

  60. Holy crap, the 9/11 panel. Good work.

  61. This comic fills me with shame, and a vague desire to listen to Lady Gaga.

    OTOH: how cute is Marek? Eeee!

  62. I have previously described Marek as a clumsy beagle puppy. I was wrong.

    Marek is a clumsy beagle puppy playing with a tiny orange kitten in a field of flowering clover.

    1. Just one clover. A really big one!

  63. I prefer Spy Romance myself. The video ain't nothin' to look at, but the songs pretty good.


  64. Wait, people were able to beat Battletoads WITH the Game Genie?? I couldn't even get past level 4 without a Game Genie.

  65. God I laughed so hard at eve's mom

  66. Secretly, we all love Lady Gaga.

    Yes, we do.

  67. Ummm

    WHY is the boss pictured with a meat grinder? SO CREEPY

  68. Awww, c'mon hipsters. Gaga is fun and bouncy! Don't hate just because it's not SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (you know, like NOTHING UNDER THE SUN, because there's actually nothing new anywhere in the world?). Also – you should try out one of her acoustic performances. Seriously skilled, that woman. 😛

  69. I love you. How do you understand? Almost every strip I wonder if you live in my closet and observe my daily goings on.

  70. Ashupinthismother

    aint nothing wrong with lady gaga………'s music!

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