#390 – sexual harassment awareness training

52 thoughts on “#390 – sexual harassment awareness training

  1. HOW DARE SHE? i would have probably punched her in her indecent face. How insulting.

  2. Shoot, blame romance movies for everything bad that has happened since their inception.

  3. My god, it's Mr. Clean.

  4. Eve didn't brush her hair before going to sexual harassment training. They probably scheduled it for a Saturday morning, the assholes.

  5. Haha my mom's a little Chinese lady who had to go through the same thing for work once! The counselor asked her if she would cross the street if she saw a black man walking in her direction at night, and when she said "yes of course!" the counselor exploded "Racist! That's racist!"

    My mom said "I don't care what color he is, if I see a strange man walking towards me in the middle of the night, you bet I'm going to cross the street!"

  6. I always knew Eve was a sexual predator. I could tell by the way she'd look at me from the comic, undressing me with her eyes.

  7. OMG, ms. Ning, are you me? hahaha

    danm western movies!

  8. bearded ladies stole

    I want to do sex to everyone.

  9. Olly's like 'What am I gonna do with this child?'

    He looks friggin cool the way Meredith drew him today tho. 😀 This is uncanon right? Or is this the first part of 'The Adventures of Sexual Harassment (What NOT to Do!)' series?

  10. Wait, what do you do with a girl you have a crush on but don't want to have sex with?

  11. I don't get this.

    What does the idiom mean?

  12. Oh, Ning, what have you put yourself into this time…

    Also, why bald guys somehow look tougher than haired guys? Is there some softness inherent to capilarity? Oh, mysteries of the universe…

    1. Male pattern baldness is associated with higher levels of testosterone. It's science!

      1. So SCIENCE shaved my head! O_O

  13. I've wanted to say for a couple of weeks how much I enjoy the shift in art style to bobble-headed doll-people! They so cute.

  14. I like "Sexual Harassment Awareness Training" a lot better than "Prevention of Sexual Harassment" training because the acronym is better.

    1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

      Psh! Not even!

  15. Hahahaha that's what happen when you talk before you think… I do it all the time

  16. Is it any coincidence that I got this sent to my work address just yesterday…

    "California Harassment Guide Web-Based Training Course"

    Another 30 minutes of my life wasted learning that "teabagging" is not an okay word for the work environment.


  17. Eve! Stop while you're ahead!


  18. Love it! — especially the last three panels 😀

  19. OK. I must either be extremely dense or from another era (or both).

    "Hey, can I get this drink?"

    "Only if you let me get the next one!"

    I simply don't get the exchange. What is the sexual harassment?

    1. Eve is replying to the customer as if they were in a bar, and she was offering to buy him a drink. In order for them to get drunk and eventually have sex, I presume.

      (This is for Nelg, as well.)

      1. It has nothing to do with sex. Flirting or making a pass at someone in a workplace environment can be considered sexual harassment even if it's innocent.

  20. Pffffft BwAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Sigh… Thank you. I needed this.

  21. If that customer was really enough of a tight-ass to report Eve, I may never trust another mustachioed man again.

  22. I love Eve's ruffled upturned hair in the fourth panel.

  23. Don't worry, Eve. I would have replied the same way, more than likely.

  24. Aww, that man has ruined 'baseball-cap wearin', jacketed, moustache guys' for me…

    ..they're usually such easy-goin' dudes…

    1. I agree! He really should've replied, "Well, sure, little lady – when do you get off?"

      'cause you know, that's *real* sexual harrassment, right there…

  25. Eve is scandalized by the mere thought of doing sex to that man in the workplace environment! But now that you mention it…

  26. I would laugh so hard if a cashier said that to me. Well, maybe depending on the cashier.

  27. hahaha Is this a new storyline?!

    1. No, it's a one-shot.

      And I'll buy the next one for ya!

  28. I've been out of the game so long I'm not sure I'd immediately recognize what Eve said as a pickup line…and if I did, I'd just smile and laugh, my day having been brightened a little by a smile from an attractive young lady, and we'd both go on with our lives.

    There are WAY too many people in the world who go through life constantly searching for things to be offended by.

  29. And imagine if he had wanted to do sex to Eve. How potentially awkward!

  30. I love how Eve makes up an entire fictional story-romance around a hypothetical situation.

    1. And not even a romantic romance. A really awkward one. I guess you write what you know, though.

  31. Have just read all of this series in, oh, two and half sittings.

    Had a blast.

    Bittersweet feeling too, now that I'm caught waiting for the next update after 390 pages of pavlovian training telling me to click "next" for more joy.

    Ah well.

    From famine to feast and back to famine again.


    Love your work.

  32. The sad thing is, I was next in line. With the next drink.

    Some days, it just don't pay to get out of bed…

  33. This was funny because I just had to do Sexual Harassment training. Fortunately, it was online. No crazy teachers!

  34. This strip's funny, because I've had this happen to me, as a customer. Whenever it happens, I reply with a witty, "Duhhhhhhhh…" of flabergastitude, but no way would I report anyone!

    Poor Eve.

  35. Sexual harassment in the work place is very common problem. This comics are really fun______

  36. I am really baffled here how Eve got a sexual harassment complaint. She's offering to buy him a drink (at a bar, presumably)? She's calling dibs on the following drink? How could this really be construed as being sexual within the context presented?

    1. Sexual harassment doesn't just apply to literally sexual things. Flirting and making a pass at someone can also be considered sexual harassment if the offended party wants to report it. It sucks because it makes flirting with customers or employees nigh-impossible for fear of someone reporting you for doing something that's normal, healthy, natural human behavior. Such a wonderful modern world we live in…

  37. 'Do you want to do sex to him?!' Should have saved that line for the bar, Eve lol

  38. I would've done the same thing Eve! Turn it around of those boys! Ridiculous. I have said way worse things to customers, but I do work in the Auto parts industry.

  39. The way Eve just delivers that line was fukken smooooooth.

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