#389 – you’d think…

47 thoughts on “#389 – you’d think…

  1. I NEED A PRINT OF THIS COMIC!!! So funny.

  2. hahaaha and you KNOW he's seen his way around her bathroom more than just a couple times, EH? EH?

  3. Take it easy, Hannah- 5,000 years ago, that wasn't a complete stoner cliche yet.

    Well, okay, it was honestly getting pretty old at that point, but with dynastic inbreeding, how much creativity can you expect?

    1. My nominations for best characters in this strip are Stoned Lion and Credulous Fat Egyptian, BTW.

      1. yeah, the stoned lion wins hands down, lol

        1. I don't know… I vote for the leopard print pants or the excited elf on the right.

          (although that IS a pretty sweet lion)

  4. I don't know about getting high with them, but getting drunk with English majors can be a drag. They tend to ramble on and on about Shakespeare.

    Or at least I do. I almost, almost feel sorry for whomever I was talking to.

    1. Neuroscience majors, on the the hand, will always hit the point where they will start analyzing what is happening in their brains *right now* as they get high/drunk. I figure we must be quite annoying to more sane mortals who make the mistake of straying into our midst.

    2. I used to ramble about Shakespeare, but then I realized Marlowe's life was more interesting. My conspiracy theories regarding his death tend to get overly complex near the end of the night, though.

    3. Nerds.

      Sooner or later someone will start the Mac/Windows fight and then whoever is sober/not contact high will have to sit on them.

      Also terrible discussions about coding and terrible attempts at said. Being high is not conducive to programming ability, and being drunk just results in strings of g's and j's when someone passes out on the keyboard.

      (sometimes there are good videogame ideas though)

    4. Double philosophy/history majors. They lecture you for an hour and end the whole thing by chopping up their own coffee table and throwing it into the fire, to prove a point. Real thing. This happened.

  5. hanna is fixated on that dildo bong.

    1. That, or she's traumatized by the fact that she used it after someone else may have….."used" it.

      1. Nicely done! The double-double entendre was well executed.

        1. are you being sarcastic??

  6. Meredith, how does it feel to have created the definitive image of a stoned lion? Probably pretty amazing.

  7. bearded ladies stole

    I would smoke weed for the first time ever if I was ensured Hanna's "that guy's pretty cool, or at least not awful," seal of approval.

  8. Oh, fuck that! All of those guys STILL seem awesome to get high with.

    I gotta make it happen.

  9. Ah, this brings me back…the best part (only good part) about smoking with weird sets of folks is the story you are able to tell to your regular smoking buddies "Dude thought pizzas cost 80 bucks dude"

  10. I love her expressions in each panel 😀

    1. Definitely! Each one is so unique but so appropriate!

  11. Fuckin' elves. Definatly no fun to get stoned with. They are all "Yeah… and like me and the tree… were one… Whoa."

    Plus, they are all plug-ugly. Save for the occasional hot ones, who are inevitably some sort of royalty (hey, who the hell determines leadership by appearance only… Aside from Americans). So you know you'll never get a slice of that.

    Man. Elves are the worst. Dwarves can party, but elves? Screw em.

  12. Try getting high with a bunch of cartoonists sometime. Yeesh.


  13. Oooh getting high then talking about double pen seems like such a bad idea. Hanna's face in the Egyptian panel is so pissy and cute.

  14. Do-do-do-do-do-do-do kicker of elves, Do-do-do-do-do-do-do kicker of elves…

    1. haha. high five.

  15. No more Mr. Passive-Resistance! He's out to Kick Some BUTT!!

    …on SATURN!!

    1. There is only one law:

      HIS LAW


  16. Hanna is not alone is her opinion of elves:


  17. Poor Hannah…

    LOL Elves

  18. I will let you know that I have been told that I am hilarious while high.

  19. But what if they were all… at a ZANY DINNER PARTY together?

    Oh shit I'm a screenwriter

    1. Actually, it sounds like the setup to the worst joke ever.

      "A group of billionares, some screenwriters, some traveling circus performers, a few porn stars, a couple of the builders of the pyramids, and some elves were all at a dinner party when someone whips out a bunch of joints…"

      1. Worst joke ever…or BEST joke ever??

  20. whats wrong with the apple 🙁

    1. Anyone who's tried it knows that an apple is a substandard weed delivery system.

  21. I think the amazing thing is that Hanna probably sold muffins to all of these people.

  22. Stoned lions vs. Stone Christians

    Who will buy the nachos?

  23. I LOVE THIS ONE. I'd love a printtt

  24. The screenwriters' conversation seems AWESOME to me… maybe I am secretly one of them?

  25. Yeah the screenwriters aren't so bad.

  26. WOW. pornstars gone high (funnee!!!!)

  27. Why not…Cops?

  28. i wont have any problem with hangout with pornstars,

  29. WHAT THE FUCK MAN. thech is GAY. (to him).

    OOOOOHH smooth with the men!

  30. that is definitely not true

    circus performers are fun to get high with (personal experience)

  31. The funny thing to me is that where I live, pizza totally can cost 80 bucks.

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