#325 – ground round circus

13 thoughts on “#325 – ground round circus

  1. Is it just me, or does the dad with the fat kid sort of look like Captain Heroic from Evil, Inc?

  2. OH MY GOD



    1. I just don't understand why more people haven't commented on it's brilliance.

      1. That helmet is awesomeness incarnate 🙂

  3. michelle4jerusalem

    how i miss the ground round! i will throw peanuts on the floor just because i can! also, hilarious comic today!

  4. i loathe multi-user bicycles… ground them into the pavement, eve!

  5. I'm not hatin' on the family bikes…look how fricken' happy that kid looks. Seriously.

  6. oh man, in the last panel, hanna's helmet matches her expression! DOUBLE THREAAAT

  7. I love the message you get when you scroll over the comic XD

  8. there is most definitely competition in cycling, although more in europe than america.

  9. One of my friends told me that there was one guy at her college that always went everywhere in a unicycle. EVERYWHERE.

  10. There's making an exercise pretentious

    Then there's just being a showoff asshole

  11. Being not a native speaker, I searched for "ground round circus" (with quotes) on the net. The first result was… this page.

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