#324 – douchebag goggles

19 thoughts on “#324 – douchebag goggles

  1. Im glad she didnt say "Hater Blockers" *whew*


  3. Err… I thought the spelling was Pedal <.<

    1. The SPELLING is indeed pedal, but in the wonderful world of comics we get to have wonderful phrases such as 'peddle' and 'snikt'.

      Hilarious fun: replace all instances of 'snikt' with 'peddle'. Ahahahaa

      1. And you can replace "snakt" with "pedal" to make it even cromulenter.

        (Does Wolverine's claws still say "snakt" when they retract?)

  4. Plainly he is selling something!

  5. Hanna's taking notes from Wiseau!

  6. I would also buy a pair of the goggles.

  7. I too would buy a pair of the goggles.


  9. Hannah has such an awesome helmet; while I normally do not wear them in order to look cool, an exception would be made.

  10. I'd wear those goggles _every_day_ that I am at work (bike shop, actually).

  11. =v= That's me on the bike, BTW, except my socks don't have lightning bolts, they have a skull-and-bike-tools Jolly Roger. Also, I pedal my ass all over Brooklyn, not that other verb, 'cause that's illegal.

  12. I was like "eco-friendly signal?"

    classic! i love it 😀

  13. Ah! I miss biking. And I would buy two pairs of those glasses and wear them at the same time, just to be extra safe.

  14. Haha, I love Hanna's "Another satisfied customer…" look in Panel 2.

  15. I need some douchebag goggles.

  16. What's with Girl's expression in panel four? She looks uneasy, but she's assumedly the one that set this bike-powered signal up to begin with…so what would she be uneasy about?

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