#130 – jelly

13 thoughts on “#130 – jelly

  1. Damn. She thought he was serious too.

  2. It's all emotional poker, bluffs and calls.

    Emotional STRIP poker is quite a different matter.

    1. …what does a pair of deuces get me in that game?

    2. E.g. modern dating?

      1. So true the people playing it should be ashamed.

  3. Brief moments like these make me aware of why I am full of misanthropy.

  4. Wish I could act as well as that. :U


  6. I love how the bird moved to the other shoulder in the panels. Love the detail.

  7. Damn, zero to a hunnid real quick.

    My spine's shivering, that was both cool and terrifying.

  8. Problem is, Will sometimes does get into scrapes like that and is willing to throw down if necessary. The fact that he was willing to physically menace and frighten Eve to make a point does not bode well.

  9. Did you just say, “Look at me?”

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