#131 – clinical term

11 thoughts on “#131 – clinical term

  1. I had to look of FWBO. I'm so not hip enough for this comic.

    Which is fittingly ironic. My head hurts.

  2. I didn't know what it meant either, but don't feel bad. There's a footnote at the bottom that give the definition.

  3. I thought it meant "Friends With Benefits Or something…" You know, kind of trailing off at the end awkwardly because that's how Will and Eve deal with each other…

    1. that is pretty much what i thought as well

  4. Why apply such specific terms to a relatioship? D:

  5. I gotta say, Meredith draws feet really, really well.

    And feet are a BITCH to draw!

    1. Wow! You're right. Look at Hannas feet in the last panel. I'm jealous.

    2. I was gonna comment on that also. I admire every time, not in a creepy way, from an drawing perspective. =)

  6. So some people missed the *< It's "friends who boned once"

  7. If Hanna thought they were going to eat Ronald…I wonder what she thought Manuel was for?

    1. cat-garnished pizza 🙂

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