Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set – Coming in September 2023!

I’m delighted to announce that you’ll soon be able to collect the whole Octopus Pie series in a neat, handsome box! Coming September 19th from me & Image Comics. You can read the full press release here.

The boxes, along with all 5 Image volumes, feature new artwork and – perhaps most excitingly – a custom insert that aligns them together on the shelf! Finally, my youthful page formatting decisions, corrected and… vindicated??

If you’ve been trying to hunt these books down for a while, you’ll be happy to know this release coincides with a REPRINT of Vol 1. Check the press release to find a comic shop that’s got your back, or pre-order the whole set from a major retailer.

What does this mean if you want the box, but already own the Image books? Well, apart from the clout of being an original OP head, I’ll have a limited but mighty supply of empty boxes for you. I’ll offer these online in the near future – more info when I’ve got it!

It’s really fun to have a new OP thing in the mix, and after months of planning and prototyping, I’m so pleased to share what we’ve made. Thank you for all the love, 16 years on!

9 thoughts on “Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set – Coming in September 2023!

  1. omg i NEED this

  2. Oh, no. I was jealous of the box and then you said you had extras. Definitely will be on the lookout for one!

  3. This looks georgeous! I might try and get an empty box as well.

    Will you also do yet more reprints of The Other Side and Eternal, which I seem to have missed again! 🙁 I loved both stories and my collection of my favourite comic of all time cannot be complete without them! I have to step up my RSS game…

  4. I am so excited that you are doing this!! Congratulations.

  5. AW YES~~! I am definitely going to try for one of the empty boxes to show off my collection 🙂 THRILLED I found my old computer and loaded up this page!!

  6. Huh! I was actually looking to get vol. 3 this month but now I might just wait. I’ll def get this when I can

  7. The universe said today I will be excited for cardboard, and boy am I!

    Very elegant solution.

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