Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set – Coming in September 2023!

I’m delighted to announce that you’ll soon be able to collect the whole Octopus Pie series in a neat, handsome box! Coming September 19th from me & Image Comics. You can read the full press release here.

The boxes, along with all 5 Image volumes, feature new artwork and – perhaps most excitingly – a custom insert that aligns them together on the shelf! Finally, my youthful page formatting decisions, corrected and… vindicated??

If you’ve been trying to hunt these books down for a while, you’ll be happy to know this release coincides with a REPRINT of Vol 1. Check the press release to find a comic shop that’s got your back, or pre-order the whole set from a major retailer.

What does this mean if you want the box, but already own the Image books? Well, apart from the clout of being an original OP head, I’ll have a limited but mighty supply of empty boxes for you. I’ll offer these online in the near future – more info when I’ve got it!

It’s really fun to have a new OP thing in the mix, and after months of planning and prototyping, I’m so pleased to share what we’ve made. Thank you for all the love, 16 years on!

13 thoughts on “Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set – Coming in September 2023!

  1. omg i NEED this

  2. Oh, no. I was jealous of the box and then you said you had extras. Definitely will be on the lookout for one!

  3. This looks georgeous! I might try and get an empty box as well.

    Will you also do yet more reprints of The Other Side and Eternal, which I seem to have missed again! 🙁 I loved both stories and my collection of my favourite comic of all time cannot be complete without them! I have to step up my RSS game…

  4. I am so excited that you are doing this!! Congratulations.

  5. AW YES~~! I am definitely going to try for one of the empty boxes to show off my collection 🙂 THRILLED I found my old computer and loaded up this page!!

  6. Huh! I was actually looking to get vol. 3 this month but now I might just wait. I’ll def get this when I can

  7. The universe said today I will be excited for cardboard, and boy am I!

    Very elegant solution.

  8. Meredith. I pre-ordered this on amazon UK in September.

    They have just emailed me today to say it has been cancelled due to low availability. I now only have the option to ship it from Amazon US at expense to myself at much more than I originally paid.

    Do you know what has happened here? 🙁

    1. I’m sorry to hear this! Unfortunately I don’t know why. Have you tried reaching out to OK Comics to see if they have any in stock?


    2. I also pre-ordered in September via Amazon.ca and have not received my order. they haven’t given a specific reason for the delay, only that they will update me when they have more info…
      Disappointing because I love your work and would like to introduce my friends to it!

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