#999 + 1000 – bearded child

Folks, MoCCA is this weekend in NYC! This is the last I'll pipe up about it! MoCCA Arts Fest 2017 Saturday + Sunday, April 1-2, 11-6 @ Metropolitan West 639 W. 46th Street (between 11th + 12th Ave) I will be exhibiting at Table J 278B. I’ll have Octopus Pie Image books, copies of my B9 Kingdom sketchbook, copies of the print/Gumroad-exclusive “On the Straight and Narrows” mini, and some original art as well!

40 thoughts on “#999 + 1000 – bearded child


    1. To be fair…she brings at least half of it on herself.

    2. I feel for Hanna in this one with the keeping-the-party-together thing. So many times I've been called in to "help" put on big events and end up having to do everything. It's a ton of work!!

      Hell, my husband basically said the same thing as Will at our wedding when I asked for his help with something and I swear I nearly smacked him on our wedding day.

  2. Didn't see that coming from Will! Brutal.

    1. Will is either drunk as fuck, or has an unusually mobile dartboard.

  3. Boy howdy this is just not Hanna's day

  4. "Expert inciter"???

  5. Woohoo, one thousand! What a trip it has been.

  6. Wait.. is that Larry?

    1. Yup. What you didn't know?

      I wonder if that is Stephen.. .http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-07-28/923-top-form/

  7. I'm so glad I started reading this comic last year. 1000 pages and I bet at least 10000 hours of work went into this. I'm really glad you're as popular as you are, because you sure do deserve it (and much more)!

  8. I had a feeling about Larry and antifa guy
    But this is a very non-victorious way to find out 🙁

    "Jonseyyyy," he waved, on his way to make out with the last-minute frontman in the bathroom.

  9. Also the irony at Eve saying Hanna hasn't really changed when her behavior now is parametrically opposite from the way it was in the beginning of the comic.

    1. I was thinking it was more along the lines of, "…. hasn't really gotten over the breakup."

  10. i really wonder if hanna likes larry since the time they could've hooked up. i have a little feeling…

    1. I don't think LIKE is the right word.

      1. Like, LIKE like?

  11. Holy crap, Octopie prevented the Hanna/Larry forcible make out thing but… not in the way I would ever imagine.

    How does Meredith ALWAYS find a way to do the unexpected thing!?

    1. That's why we love her.

  12. Hah!

  13. Uh

    Wait is America Jones a ghost, or

  14. LARRY


    five minutes on stage and already an irresponsible rock star smh

  15. The party is getting to That Point in the Night.

  16. I mean…that was a VERY effective way to short-circuit Hanna's probable (subconscious?) plan to use Larry for sex.

    Which means it's still possible for them to fall in love later!


  17. "Go chat up some o' those extras." Such a brilliant meta line!

  18. Also, it just dawned on me that Mar is still cleaning the coffee shop and hasn't shown up to the party yet. I sure hope there is reconciliation between Hanna and Marigold, the one she pushed away, now that Will is drunkenly calling out her shit.

  19. Some say Will's drink is still bouncing away…

  20. It's the little things about this strip that I really love. Couple weeks ago it was Marigold's little shrug. This week it's Hanna's face in the second-to-last panel. There's a whole lot going on in that expression that's conveyed with just a few strokes of the pen. Good stuff.

  21. Oh man, I can FEEL the tension radiating off this page. Nicely done. You're great at the emotional wallops (that make an odd amount of sense).

  22. Hey! I resemble that remark!

  23. UGH I want to make out with Larry in a bathroom. Why am I so sexually attracted to a drawing.

  24. Congratulations on 1000 comics! It has been a pleasure to continuously be a reader!

  25. WillAndEveForever


  26. Woah!! alright!!!

  27. Congratulations on hitting 1000th! I've been reading for years now, and I loved every bit of it! Thank you for your creative art Meredith!

  28. trapdooralligators

    I've got to know what Hannah's parting words were!

  29. "Being single is such an AWESOME time to grow."

  30. The character arcs in this comic are so well developed in such incredibly subtle ways. Will, whose short temper has been such a burden in the past, just completely taking Hanna's tantrum with no resistance; Hanna herself, the beloved and infinitely chill stoner finally reaching the previously hypothetical limits of her patience; Eve taking to the sidelines to let someone else soak up the stress for a change. Character development doesn't always have to be strictly 'positive' or 'negative' and Meredith gets that in a way so few other storytellers do. I absolutely love it, and I'm going to miss this story and its incredible cast so much when the time comes for it to end.

  31. Chapter 1000!!! WOP! WOP!

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