#998 – america jones

I'll be exhibiting at MoCCA Fest in NYC on April 1-2! I'll have all 4 OP Image volumes plus some minis and B9 Kingdom books! As always you can bring stuff you'd like me to sign. Hope to see you there!

41 thoughts on “#998 – america jones

  1. AMERICA JONES!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nah, it's just AMERICA JONES!!!!!!!! now.

  2. I think Hanna's broke.

  3. Vaguely remembered rival! It's me, Bucket woman!

  4. Everything's fine!! I just really need to put my face on someone else's face right now! It's fine!!

  5. Those nazis ain't gonna punch themselves.

  6. AMERICA JONES: Nazi Puncher is a spin-off comic I would read.

    1. America Jones has turned into a roller derby nazi-punching badass trying to do good in the world? hot DAYUM! Can I quit my job and roll with her crew?!?!

    2. Seconded!!!

    3. Also, AMERICA JONES and Antifa guy have totally banged, blinded by the heat and excitement of a good nazi-punching, right?

  7. Oh no, Hanna, no. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% down for Hanna/Larry happening, but not like THIS 🙁

    1. It's so real, though. She probably feels like a fish in a barrel, and that might be the only way to make it less awkward for everyone. It depends on how much she tells Larry or doesn't that might make it wrong.

  8. noooo is she going to find larry so she can make out with him in front of Marek?


  9. Hanna is going a little nutso bonkers.

    1. She's going slightly maaad 😀

  10. Is this what it feels like moments before you see a car crash?

  11. I think the real question we should be asking is if Victor will also make an appearance at the greatest (and last) shindig in OP history.

    1. http://www.octopuspie.com/2017-03-17/992-994-the-last-ge...
      Just a hint a familiar mustache at the top of panel 1!

  12. I think unhinged is more fitting.

  13. AMERICA JONES I absolutely lost my shit

  14. Was not expecting, also I love America Jones' nails and hair SO MUCH. I'm pretending nothing is going on with Hannah on this page nope, nothing going on at all

  15. ?? AMERICA JONES ??

  16. Oh no delayed-action rebound

  17. Oh Hanna. I know. I get you.

    1. Getting over your ex is one thing. Seeing them with someone new is another.

  18. Remember when we thought Larry and Hanna would bang that one time, but they didn't?

    I also remember when we were all freaked out when we thought Eve might've banged Greg out of her fallout with Park, but it totally didn't end up that way, either!

    So my hope is that Hanna's totally not going to crash her lips onto Larry's — she's just going to pull him aside!! Ask for advice on how to proceed because she doesn't want to bother Eve. That's TOTALLY going to happen. Just go to a corner and talk it out!! YEP. NOT GOING TO TRY AND FORCIBLY MAKE OUT WITH LARRY. NOPE.




  19. Seeing these inside characters like America Jones pop up again fills me with joy and sadness. It's really starting to hit home that OP is wrapping up. I've probably been checking this page for updates every MWF for almost 10 years, ever since Scott Kurtz recommended it. Other webcomics have come and gone, but OP has been a consistent part of my day-to-day since I was fresh out of undergrad. Now I am married with a mortgage. It's like…life, man.

  20. I was beginning to wonder if America Jones was even canon any more. Yayyy! And I'm also not sure if it's nice for everyone to hold a party specifically to make fun of Eve for wasting her life. Is she having a good time?

    1. With friends like these, who needs a productively spent life?

      Forreal, I'm sure many out there would trade places with Eve.

  21. oog, this comic hit me in the feels again D: I feel anxious just looking at Hanna right now… no, i felt anxious the moment we saw the new gf come in the door. have been in this situation… have had that freakout. BREATHE, HANNA

  22. First, I feel really bad when I can't remember a character I'm obviously supposed to know. *America Jones* is way too good a character to be just lost in my absent minded… mind.

    But on to more pressing matters: Hannah is way too clenched. I'm worried.

  23. So, like, are we to assume Octopus Pie's time passes at the same rate as real life. Like, a storyline written three years ago takes place three years ago?

    'Cause if so, then America really has been away for a while.

  24. Poor Hanna. She worked so hard to pull this all together and now she's……. clenched.

  25. Completely un-comic related sidebar but as someone that plays roller derby it is amazing and everyone that reads this should try it. New York's team Gotham is ranked #2 in the world!

  26. Yay, America Jones! Boo, clenchiness.

  27. And here I thought America Jones's name was always spelled in red, white, and blue.

  28. America Jones?!? It really is ending

  29. I bet their voices sounded really colorful every time they said her name like ? ? AMERICA JONES ??

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