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  1. this interaction would hurt me more than the ex showing up with a new partner. friendship scars are the worst.

    1. also i'm now remembering the halloween party where jane and hannah commiserated over being witches, and marigold is a perfect princess. interesting to see how much the dynamics have changed.

      1. Yeah, as Mar's SO, there's no way Jane could hear the way Hanna treated her and stay impartial.

  2. Wow, Jane. That's… cold.

    1. I don't know, by now she probably knows plenty about how Hanna treated her girlfriend. AND, she probably had to pry it out of her! It's not wrong for loyalties to shift!

      1. Well, Hannah has been a total witch to Marigold, no two ways about it. But even so, it would have been only civil to at least acknowledge her; after all, she organized the party and everything. Call me naïve, but from where I'm standing it looks like a classic misunderstanding scenario: Mar doesn't notice Hannah – Jane does, but assumes Mar is actively ignoring her – Jane gives Hannah the cold shoulder because that's what she thinks Mar is doing.

        1. I don't see any misunderstanding! but as I said below I've been the Marigold here and in my case it was for suuuuuuure intentional. You ignore because it's grownup, yet brutal. Or, you pretend you honestly didn't see them, which may be worse, because it says they matter so little to you that you didn't even register their presence in passing. I think Marigold could pull either of those off. Plus, do you honestly think Hanna wouldn't lash out if Marigold did try to say hi? She just smacked Will! She'd see it as yet another attack, because she's an idiot!

          I mean, Hanna sowed what she's reaping. I don't blame any of these people for being sick to death of her! Let her hit bottom, it's fine, that kind of thing tends to preclude a bounceback. I feel like she's very close to a breakthrough! (We probs won't get to see it, though.)

        2. I mean I feel like people are forgetting Hanna, was being an ass to Marigold for absolutely no good reason and most of their relationship was predicated on Hanna feeling like she was better than Marigold. Marigold doesn't owe her crap, she's Eve friend and that's why she's there to celebrate Eve. Kinda weird folks even think Hanna had any part in inviting her.

        3. peakpointmatrix

          I mean Hannah literally sent Mar the invite.

          Not that it entitles Hannah to have Marigold come frolicing back into her arms or anything. I do agree with what you said though, meaning Hannah has to be the one that extends the olive branch first. The invite is barely a half-gesture and she knows it.

        4. I think if someone treated your SO badly, and your SO doesn't want to deal with them (or you think your SO doesn't want to deal with them), then you absolutely are not allowed to say hi to them with your SO there. Imagine how awkward that interaction would be for Marigold! Jane has to take Marigold's side at this moment, no question.

      2. I'm so blanking on the specifics!

    2. Cold as a witch's tit one might say…

  3. Oof, do I know that feeling of vomiting in a shameful corner.

    And goddamn is this painful to watch. I had hopes Mar would find Hanna in her sorry state and console her just a bit but now…

  4. Marigold's me, again! Actually no, I would put a little more *boggle* into the expression, so it's conceivable I actually didn't see who I'm ignoring. Then again, my true friends know my tricks. Then again again, I play a pretty convincing ditz.

  5. Wow…even after Hanna was the one that invited them? Kind of petty Mar 🙁

    1. I have mixed feelings about this, actually. I don't think Mar was ignoring Hanna — I don't think she even *noticed* (or recognized?) Hanna at all. The only one who seemed to notice her was Jane.

      I think they were just walking by bored-like because that's sort of happens when you're in a lull walking to someplace ("resting bitch face" and such). At least that's what I'm hoping because WOW is that a bitchy move from all of them if they knew she was there.

      1. Seems pretty intentional to me

    2. I kinda gotta side with Mar here. The last time we saw them interact was *brutal.*

      1. Right, Mar is only there for Eve. She hesitated to RSVP because Hanna planned it, but decided to go because of Eve.

      2. Sure, but that was months (I think?) ago. I'm not saying Mar should have to forgive Hannah, but Hannah reached out at least a little to try to mend fences. Even if Mar doesn't ever want to be friends again, I feel like she could at least try to be polite at a party that Hannah organized for their mutual friend.

        Yeah, Hannah was totally in the wrong. But at a certain point, it shouldn't be about "sides".

        That said, Mar just came up, and it would be super awkward and could even backfire to try to approach Hannah in the state she's in right now. Might not be the worst idea to just wait for a better moment.

        1. Hannah didn't reach out to mend fences, though. She invited one of Eve's friends to Eve's thing.

        2. I wonder how much time has passed as well… Based on Marigolds hair it seems like it must be a few years…

        3. A Facebook invite to a public party for a mutual friend is a reason to be an adult, ie do not engage, do not make a scene, you are polite and distant.

          Until Hanna actually apologizes, Mar owes her nothing more than that. Until the words, "I was really shitty to you, I was going through a really horrible time and I took it out on you, and I shouldn't have. I miss you, you were an important person in my life, and not being around you makes that clear" cross her lips, then why should Mar give her the time of day?

          But since Hanna spent a very long time obsessing about how horrible Mar was for continuing to live a life independent of Hanna and her interference, it's unlikely she'll ever apologize. And that means, she needs to get used to being ignored.

    3. Hanna was also a giant piece of shit to her in their last interaction and needs to actually apologize or *something* like… not even to *deserve* Mar forgiving her, but even to indicate that she wants such. Mar has no reason to assume Hanna wants to reconcile, much less to do so unilaterally.

    4. I took as Hanna planned a party for Eve and invited Eve's friends. Even if Hanna wasn't friends with the people she was inviting, the party wasn't for Hanna. So sending the invitation didn't seem like an olive branch to me.

      Also, if I were in that situation and I wanted to be civil, I would wait until I wasn't catching someone at an embarrassing moment to strike up a conversation.

  6. Can someone please just come hold her hair back? She only planed the whole damn party.

  7. Man, this is a total night of reckoning for Hanna. So painful to watch. I hope there's some reconciliation somewhere at this party…

  8. this one aches. i dont blame marigold and jane for not wanting engage, but i thought it would be a little more water-under-the-bridge. ast panel says a lot

  9. Punished Hanna

    1. "A rebel robbed of her self-worth"

  10. When you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born.

    1. I don't think there's a more perfect song to describe Hannah right now.

  11. Can somebody link me to their fight? I can't remember what happened…

    1. Hannah's post-breakup with Marek: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-03-17/648-649-i-kn

      Also, her (last?) interaction with Jane before she started dating Mar: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-12-03/733-who-does
      making this snubbing all the more painful.

      1. Wowee, I can't believe how long it's been since the falling out and since the costume party! Oh Mar, I hope you really are happy now ;_;

    2. It would've just been more trouble to start an interaction. At least Jane looked her way and acknowledged she existed. I'm sure she knows it's awkward, but based on their prior conversations, I don't think she hates Hanna.

  12. I'd like to think that if I was Hannah or Mar, I would at least say hi. But I've lived this and I know that's a lie. This is what actually happens.

  13. damn this is some tough shit

  14. Oh man. Hanna was in a terrible place when she said all that dumb shit to Mar. I would hope that a true friend would not hold it against me when I'm at my worst and then forgive me later. Problem is, Hanna hasn't actually asked for forgiveness… but she did invite her to this party, which could have been a step towards reconciliation. Hanna, I know it sucks, but it's time to be vulnerable and honest and APOLOGIZE.

    1. She didn't just badmouth Mar, she then spent ages trashing her to random mutual friends and obsessively hating her to anyone who would listen. You think that shit doesn't get around?

    2. Yeahhhhh, that whole "don't deserve me at my best if you can't accept me at my worst" nonsense is a No True Scotsman fallacy. Treating people like shit is never okay, and you should apologize if you want to continue the relationship, full stop. Inviting a mutual friend to a large party is not the same as a peace offering.

    3. The fact she was in a terrible place is the only reason she open said that to Mar. She felt so offended that Mar would dare to equate herself to Hanna. Their entire friendship has been one of Hanna actively pitying Mar and seeing her as a flawed person in need of Her (Hanna's help).

      This isn't whoops I said something awful in a heated moment. It was Hanna snapping at the mere idea that Mar and her could share a negative experience or be equated in terms of hurt.

  15. I feel really bad for Hanna, but I also kinda feel worse for the innocent smoothie chefs who are going to have to clean her vomit off their ATM.

  16. It took me 3 reads to realize Hanna threw up beside an ATM, not into a garbage, yikes

  17. I get that Hannah was tough to be around when she was feeling her worst, but I'm still kind of mad at everyone right now. Especially Will. He's fucked up plenty of things on his own, but she's still been his friend and still given him a chance to be part of her business. Can't even chalk it up to drunkenness because he seemed pretty salty with her before he started drinking.

    I'm sure it wasn't easy for Hannah to plan this whole thing and reach out to Marek and Mar, but she did. I hate seeing her get shat on. It feels like it's been forever since we've seen Hannah truly happy.

    1. To be fair to Will though, they have been having a good time lately, what with setting up the business and the getaway, so it's understandable to think that she's recovered. He probably didn't click that Hanna was messed up by something. Hanna herself certainly wasn't expecting it.

      1. Fair, but Will's behavior suggests that what he said were underlying feelings. Especially since he's drunk, and y'know, all inhibitors are turned off…

    2. She was kinda stringing Will along when she knew he had a crush on her…

    3. I think the also alluded to her and will having a "work" conversation, possibly connected to why he had to quit therapy? He might have gotten a paycut/been let go or something

      1. I believe the "work" conversation refers to Will's previous job dealing drugs, which he did quit, over the phone.

  18. This hurts so much

  19. Damn Hanna's having a bad day.

  20. Ugh this is such a low place for Hanna. It pains me to see her like this, even though she brought it on herself. I hope there is some reconciliation or at least closure with Mar tonight.

  21. While I haven't exactly been in Hanna's situation entirely, the disdainful looks of people who you were formerly friends with hits home really hard. Every time I look at Jane's expression it just hurts. Hanna's fucked up, sure, but where is Eve in all this? Shouldn't she be there for Hanna… if even only a little bit?

    1. Well, if my wedding is anything to go by, being the center of attention at a large gathering makes being a good friend to any one person in attendance pretty tough. :/ I'm sure if Eve realized where Hanna was or what Hanna was going through, she'd be out there helping her.

      1. It's rough for Hanna, but she hasn't historically been very good at communicating when she's in need. Instead she does the opposite – "pushes people away," per Will.

        Eve is Hanna's most consistent friend, but she didn't get there by swooping in when Hanna needed her. She's just been available when Hanna needed to talk or chill.

        It's not really in their friendship dynamic for Eve to seek her out and intervene, and that doesn't seem like something that Hanna responds well to generally, anyways

      2. She also already did due diligence by asking if Hanna was ok, and Hanna didn't want to engage.

  22. The lighting in this page is incredible

  23. Hanna has not shown genuine happiness in a long time, it breaks my freakin heart. Her split with Marek has changed and hardened her. When once her cynicism was charming, is now just a negative cloud that consumes her life and manifests in her close relationships. And it's not even to say she was happy before this mid-early-life crisis, she was not better off blissful and unaware how her actions affected others. In her conflict with Mar, it wasn't justified. We all cope with grief differently. I hope she can meet some sort of resolve in herself before OP ends.

    1. Hence Greg: "Has anyone ever told you how malignant you are?"

      Why yes I am obsessively rereading archives

  24. Okay, this is beside the point, but Don's character design has been getting cuter and cuter. I think no facial hair is a good look for him

    Seeing them walk down the street this way recalls their introduction as the baristas of Cafe Blase, serving "the best coffee and the worst attitudes" in the city

    Back then it was a bit joke. Now they are real characters, and their chill has heft

  25. It's ok, it's just one of those crappy ATMs whose fees are thru the roof. It deserves far worse…

  26. Hanna is standing between two ATMs.

  27. Careful driving out there, cause it's gettin' icy.

  28. Okay, I don't blame any of these characters for not wanting to interact with Hannah… but I sure hope Don doesn't realize Hannah's there and is spitting solely because he has to spit. Because otherwise… that's just taking it a wee bit too far.

  29. Maaan, I so still want Hannah and Marek to be together, but I NEED Hannah and Mar.

    Friend breakups are heart wrenching

  30. If I were friends with someone who just puked in public, I wouldn't be very gregarious either.

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